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7 Best Griff’s Beard & Hair Transformations

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your look! Clean up the locks, tame that scraggly beard, and add some snazzy new products to your home arsenal to combat all that beach day frizz. Griff’s hair and beard products are one of our favorite go-tos this summer; from pomade to matte fiber, they have it covered when it comes to keeping both under control. These are our favorite transformations, all made possible by Griff’s (sold exclusively at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons!). Scruffy beard styles.

1. Unruly Bedhead vs. City Chic

We absolutely love this transformation–it took the “messy college student” look and turned it into a “sleek professional” one. Nothing says ready to land a huge business deal more than a clean, chic style.

2. Dull Grey Hairs vs. Silver Fox

Embrace your silver fox look! Take it up a notch with Griff’s High and Tight Classic Hold Pomade to brighten up your colors.

3. Tangled Craze vs. Smooth and Groomed

A tangled, scruffy beard can be successfully tamed with the right products and a trip to the right barbershop; you’ll have a smooth and supple look in no time.

Scruffy beard looks Scruffy beard styles

4. Stray Hairs Galore vs. Defined Jaw Line

Want to grow a full beard but keep running into those straggly stray hairs? Try getting a professional clean shave to achieve a jaw-defining look, which will make your beard look fuller and more flattering.

5. Patchy Shadow vs. Stylish Fade

A slight fade can help you look effortlessly cool. You can literally wake up like this, no effort required.

6. Aging Length vs. Smoldering Clean Cut

Messy long locks paired with an unshaven face can add years to your face–try a shorter style and a trimmed beard for a younger frame!

Scruffy beard looks Scruffy beard styles

7. Overwhelming Volume vs. Flattering Face Frame

Don’t let your face disappear behind your beard; it should complement your face, not swallow it. Check out this awesome transformation from overwhelming volume to successful face frame!

If you’re looking for a summer transformation of your own, book your next appointment at 18/8 La Jolla and let one of our experienced stylists help you out!

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