Scruffy beard looks Scruffy beard styles. Mens Facial Hairstyles For The Winters: 4 Ways To Style Your Beard Before Winter Ends

Winter is all about making a style statement, and the best way for guys to do it is through their facial hairstyle. In fact, facial hair is probably the most fashionable and versatile component of your winter look, the most practical even, considering beards save you from the harsh winter winds. Take a stylish step forward by opting for one of these awesome facial hairstyles for winter. Scruffy beard styles.

A Full Beard

Calling out to all the real men out there to go ahead and sport a full grown beard. A full beard is a masculine look that's always becoming of a man. It also helps in insulating the skin thereby protecting you from the cold fury that winter brings. Of course, Delhi boys can relate to this more. Take the lead from the rakishly handsome Jake Gyllenhaal. His beard commands nothing but respect. Go get it, tigers!

A Trimmed Goatee

If going all out is not your forte then you can make a subtle yet dramatic impact by going for a trimmed goatee. With its manicured and edgy appearance, the look gives an impression of modern sensibilities for your winter look. Of course, who apart from Brad Pitt, will be the best example of a trimmed goatee, whose facial hairstyle imparts a modern and urbane feel to his already sharp and polished look. Hail the power of a trimmed goatee!

Scruffy beard looks Scruffy beard styles

Scruffy Beard

The classic good-boy-gone-bad look, scruffy beard is a defiant style that boasts of extreme self confidence. However, beware; as the look can be borderline unkempt, so you've got to make sure either you're too good looking to pull off the look, or too comfortable in your sense of style. If you have any doubts, take a look at the smouldering Ian Somerhalder, who is calm, composed and insanely good looking, and is not afraid to push the envelope.

Stylized Circular Beard

Want a facial hairstyle that's plain sexy? Go for a stylized circular beard which characterizes a moustache that continues along the sides of the mouth to meet up with the facial hair on the chin. It's a handsome option with sophisticated written all over it. Well, simply because if it can make Kanye West look stylish and sexy, it sure can make you look too. And if you find yourself routing for this facial hairstyle, then congrats guys, you've a classic taste!

Scruffy beard looks Scruffy beard styles

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