Black beard hairstyles. 10 Of the coolest hairstyles for black men

Feeling uninspired, or just not sure where to start when it comes to cool, new hairstyles for black men? No need to fear the idea of heading to the barbers: we’,ve rounded up 10 of the most stylish hairstyles for black men , guaranteed to get you excited about your next appointment. And the best part? There’,s something here for just about everybody, whether your hair is natural or relaxed, short, medium or long. Black beard hair styles.

So, if you’,re considering a fresh new ‘,do or just want an update, here are 10 styles to have a look at before you take the plunge.

10 Cool hairstyles for black men

Hairstyles for black men: Modernise the high top fade. Credit:

1. Hi-top fade

Inspired by: Jaden Smith, Brandon Jennings

Before you start having flashbacks to the ‘90s, hear us out. The high top fade doesn’,t have to look like you’,ve just step out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air . Funnily enough, Jaden Smith does a great job of taking a modern approach to this cut. The key to making it look fresh is keeping it an inch or two tall and asking for less boxy edges.

Hairstyles for black men: Head to the South of France. Credit:

2. South of France haircut

If you like the idea of a frohawk, but feel like it’,s a little too edgy, then you should consider the South of France haircut. Coined by Usher and his barber Curtis Smith, it’,s also known as the ‘,gentleman’,s mohawk’, and there’,s no surprise as to why. It’,s a less intense version of the mohawk/frohawk with sophisticated burst fades on either side and subtle height due to the four-dimensional cut.

Hairstyles for black men: Cool buzz cut. Credit:

3. Buzz cut

Inspired by: Pharrell Williams, Denzel Washington, Michael Ealy

Black beard hair styles

‘If it ain’,t broke, don’,t fix it’ is an idiom we associate with the buzz cut. While this army-inspired classic lacks versatility compared to longer ‘,dos like the quiff, its practical, low-maintenance appeal means it can work for any occasion with minimum styling. Think about it this way: it’,ll leave you with more time to concentrate on other things, like perfecting your beard game.

Hairstyles for black men: Classic fade cut. Credit:

4. Classic taper fade

Inspired by: Idris Elba, Drake

The fade is another classic that shouldn’,t be overlooked. This cut has a lot of range and can be worked with a variety of lengths. If a standard taper fade feels too safe, you might want to try a low or high fade. As for the scissor fade? It’,s a great option for curly hair textures if you want a casual style that looks as effortless as it feels.

Hairstyles for black men: Edgy frohawk. Credit:

5. Frohawk

Inspired by: Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd

Meet the South of France’,s edgier cousin: the frohawk. Obviously, the longer your hair, the bigger the ‘,hawk, so you might want to consider getting a trim if you have a high fro to begin with. But don’,t despair you have less length: you can opt for a shorter Mr T-inspired height, or the sophisticated South of France cut, which is perfect for short hair. Credit: @leothefashionlion

Hairstyles for black men: Man bun. Credit:

Black beard hairstyles

6. Man bun

Inspired by: Wale, Zayn Malik, Chris Brown

The camps are still split on the man bun, but we can’t deny it’,s a great option if you need an easy, protective style. Not only does it keep your hair ends safe and sound, but it’,s also acceptable for work and practical at the gym. Don’t worry if you don’t have shoulder-length hair, Zayn Malik is proof that you can do man buns with relatively short hair, too.

Hairstyles for black men: A cool quiff. Credit:

7. The quiff

Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, believe it or not, you can rock the quiff. Need further convincing? Check out Miguel, who’s the poster boy for this style. If you have coily or kinky hair, ask your barber to subtly cut a quiff shape into your fro. Simples! Credit: @dalanokyle

Hairstyles for black men: Stylish dreadlocks. Credit:

8. Dreadlocks

Inspired by: Dustin Brown, Future, Street Etiquette’,s Joshua Kissi

One of the most well-known hairstyles for black men, this permanent ‘,do takes time to create, but once your hair is ‘,locked’,, the styling options are endless. Updos like the man bun and half-up styles are just some of the options you can easily achieve. See music mavens Lenny Kravitz, Future, Wiz Khalifa for reference: they’re all dreadlock devotees!

Hairstyles for black men: Keep it au natural. Credit:

Black beard hairstyles

9. Au naturel

Inspired by: Lenny Kravitz, Gary Dourdan

Whatever your hair texture may be, have you ever thought about going natural? Embracing –, not fighting –, your curls, coils and kinks can be liberating, but perhaps you’re worried about your lack of curl pattern. In which case, why not try adding twists or doing a twist-out for extra definition.

Hairstyles for black men: Clean shaven. Credit:

10. Clean shaven

Inspired by: Dwayne Johnson, Djimon Hounsou, Taye Diggs, Common

There are lots of reasons to choose this ‘no-hair’ hairstyle. Firstly, there’,s no fuss because it’,s super easy to maintain, which is great news. And second: it can hide patchy hair loss and thinning. Definitely a win-win!

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