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A French Forkbeard is a version of a full beard but is characterized by hair extending past the chin and splitting down the center in two parts. French beard styles.

The one who plans to have this beard style should make sure that he has grown a length which is more than desired. Then he can trim the excess beard the way he wants and to the desired length.

Make sure that both the split halves are of equal length. Do not forget to keep the cheeks clean shaven.

It looks best on square and triangular faces. Not everyone can carry this well.

Some facts relating to history include:

The original French forks had 2 prongs, hence the name.

Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz (19 March 1849 – 6 March 1930) was a German grand admiral, Secretary of State of the German Imperial Naval Office carried the fork beard and was known for his strength.

In recent past, Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) has been credited for making the French Fork look cool again.

Bohemian men and intellectuals are associated with the French fork beard style. Brad Pitt styled his beard in the French fork style, he had made sure that he wore very casual and cheap looking clothes.

This beard style seems to slowly fade away, yet we know some men who carry it really well wouldn’t let go of it.

The Ducktail style of beard is yet again similar to a full beard.

Differentiated by the bottom part of the beard, that looks similar to the tail of the duck.

Grow a full beard first and then trim it accordingly to get a perfect ducktail beard.

The upper portion of the beard is trimmed shorter while the hair on the chin area is allowed to grow as long as one wants it to grow, providing a perfect blend of style and rugged.

It is considered as a perfect compromise between the wild characteristic of having a beard and well-groomed sophistication, making it one of the most popular styles of today.

It is suitable for all face cuts.

Current day celebrities with this style include Zach Galifianakis and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This style is the current day trend, most men nowadays are adapting the ducktail style as it suits most face cuts.

It’s a beard that has been shaped in the form of an anchor.

For a perfect anchor, a beard man’s face must be free from sideburns and he should have a beard that extends along the jaw line. Then accordingly it can be shaped to get a proper anchor.

French beard styles pics

It is really tricky to get a perfect anchor as it’s a combination of many styles such as chinstrap, goatee, and handlebar.

It is suitable for men with Square or Oblong shaped faces, not everyone can pull off this style.

Anchor beard resembles the shape of an anchor and hence has derived its name from the same.

Sports and fashion icon David Beckham wore this style really well.

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Robert John Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman are the Hollywood actors who once had this beard as their style statement.

Balbo beard style indicates well-shaped and minimal length. It gives you a subtle look.

A perfect Balbo beard style resembles the shape as “T”. To achieve it you need to work on three major segments-First is growing a mustache. Second, you require growing the beard from the chin to the patch under the lip. Third, grow the patch beneath the lower lip to resemble the lower part of a typical beard.

Balbo beard will work wonders on a face with a narrow chin.

The history of Balbo beard style has quite interesting facts to know about.

The great man who put Balbo beard style into fame is Italian Marshall Italo Balbo, who was one of the Mussolini’s henchmen during the Second World War.

Famous people with this style

The famous GOT character-Jon Snow is seen sporting a Balbo type beard.

Eric Dane has stolen the hearts of women in his Balbo beard style in Grey’s Anatomy, Marley and me and Valentine’s day.

Batman’s superstar Christian Bale is a souvenir of Balbo beard.

This is a style of beard, wherein the hair is grown full and long over the jaw and chin, meeting the sideburns. This style doesn’t include a mustache.

There are two sub-styles under this which include:

• Chin Curtain: T he beard grows along the jaw line and covers the entire chin. This does not extend beyond the jaw line.

• Chinstrap Beard: The beard grows along the jaw line, but does not fully cover the chin. This may extend beyond the jaw line.

This beard style was made famous by individuals such as Álvaro Pombo

In 1970, writer Álvaro Pombo was a cultural icon associated with this style of beard.

In the U.S. this style remains common among married Amish men. Male members of this section generally grew a beard after they get baptized, but shave their mustache off as it was associated with the military service.

It has been adopted by many fictional characters such as Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda, and “Gargoyles” the Disney animated series –, notably Hudson.

In current times we have a celebrity icon that has carried this style, he is Brad Pitt.

French beard different styles

The men of the Islamic community follow this style of beard, it is now being associated as a part of their religion identification.

This one is for the man who is planning on creating an impression with his facial hair.

The imperial is a mustache connected to the hair on the cheeks, the hair points upwards but doesn’t curl over making it different from the Napoleon Imperial III.

He would be required to keep the chin and sideburns bare, allowing the beard to be the center of attention.

Imperial beard oil would be a must for the one who plans to implement this style.

It suits people with oval face cut and is a big no for men with square face cut.

Facts related to this beard style include:

It originated in France during the period of the Second Empire. “Imperial” it was called as it represented the royals.

Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary carried the imperial beard very well until his death during the First World War.

In the wackiest beard championship, Karl-Heinze Hille won first place in the Imperial Partial Beards category.

MJ Johnson was the Imperial Partial Beard winner at the Just For Men World Beard and Mustache Championships 2014 in Portland.

If you have an imperial beard or planning to have one soon make sure it looks good. You may be at the next championship.

Hollywood once had a brilliant period, and it’,s no fortuitous event that numerous performing artists of that time wore this look.

The Hollywoodian Beard is vintage and yours to bring back.

With the thickness of a full Beard and the cautious editing of a boxed Beard, this style isn’,t only for the rich and popular. It suits on anyone with any face cut.

Allow the beard to grow for about three to four weeks.

Leave a line of hair that extends from your ear to the side of your chin, shave the hair off from the upper parts of the cheeks. Make sure that the beard does not connect the sideburns.

Trim the hair clean on the neck with your trimmer, however, leave enough around the chin and jawline to create some volume.

Leave two vertical hair strips connecting the mustache area and the chin.

Trim the soul patch to create a perfectly rectangular shape.

Trim and maintain the beard regularly.

Cool french beard styles

The simplest and the most popular beard style, goatee.

There are no hard and fast rules to keep a goatee beard style.

With goatee you look mature, you look serious, and it comes easy.

Keeping your beard unshaved and untrimmed for a few days and outline it in the shape of Goatee. When a goatee style doesn’t suit you singly, pair it by growing your mustache. I believe it works.

There a lot to know about the history of Goatee beard style.

This style is named Goatee as they resemble the beard of a billy goat.

The origin of Goatee was found in the ancient Greek and ancient Rome when their deity “pan” was outlined with it.

Pan was a half-man and half-goat god. Later somehow the Greek deity pan became Satan by the deeds of Christians.

Sir Van Dyke, the famous blemished painter, portrayed the series of a man wearing a Goatee. Van Dyke gained a lot of respect to Goatees.

Later in the 19th century, Goatee became the symbol of free spirit and rebel for poets, painters, intellectuals and dropouts.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of United States styled his beard Goatee during his last months of presidency. The evolutionary moment made Goatee popular as ever.

By 1969, Shaggy the teenage sleuths from the famous Scooby-Doo cropped up Goatee beard.

There are many famous celebrities also who have picked Goatee to get their beard styled like Ben Affleck in Shakespeare in love, Will smith in Enemy of the state, Jeffery sems in cupid, and Brad Pitt on the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean.

In India, Goatee became famous as ever and kept called as “Amitabh Bachan’s Beard Style” and then the trend went on and on from Emraan Hashmi to Ranveer Singh.

Planning to get Goatee Beard Style? Well, it shouldn’t take you a second thought now.

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