Different beard styles for round face. KRATO Beard Accessories by Val Str Kickstarter

KRATO Beard Accessories by Val Str &mdash,Kickstarter Unique beard styles.

Designed for an individual who wants to not only to stand out of the crowd, but also to be ahead of the crowd. If this is you, Krato will perfectly resonate with your inner desire for uniqueness!

Krato’s first collection presents a new product into the men’s jewelry line – jewel for the beard. This collection is dedicated to strong characters who express their individuality in eccentric, yet sophisticated ways. Beard is a visual display of dignity, style, and uniqueness which makes for a perfect canvas of self-expression.

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It has taken over a year to design and perfect Krato Beard Jewelry. The biggest challenge was to develop a functional clip that would firmly attach onto the beard while being comfortable to wear. For this reason, the clip went through many design alterations and various hand-made and 3D printed prototypes before the triangular spiral shape was born.

The triangular clip fastens onto the beard by twisting the spiral and catching the hair within its structure, which allows for durable and comfortable hold. Krato’s clip was tested on various beard types which differentiated in size, thickness and texture and it functions flawlessly. However, to hold perfectly on the beard, minimum 3cm of hair length is recommended.

Growing a beard is a commitment, a symbol of individuality, and a visual display of dominance. Beard opens numerous possibilities for self-expression since its uniqueness varies in shape, style, size, and architectural grooming. Research shows that both men and women from various cultures agree that bearded men appear more mature, powerful, attractive, and of higher social status than clean-shaven men.

It is evident that current beard movement that was born half a decade ago, is not going out of style, but with time is only becoming stronger and more pronounced. Today, skin-care and hair-care markets are booming with numerous beard-care products, special beard grooming regimes are being introduced, and barbershops around the world are rising in popularity. Some men, for fun, decorate their beards with flowers, small objects, and sparkles. These beard-centred actions signify that men are taking the best care of their beards and experiment with its originality.

Different beard styles

Even if you don’t have a beard, Krato beard accessory could be that one unique gift for your bearded friend.

Remember that Kickstarter is not a store, therefore all projects here are available for a limited time only. By backing Krato’s Beard Jewelry, you are not only supporting this project, but also getting discounts off future retail prices. Above all, you will be among the very first ones to own and wear this unique jewel. Your payment will not be processed until the funding goal is reached at the end of this campaign. Pre-order now!

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You are welcome to write about Krato Beard Jewelry in articles, blogs, magazines, etc. Press material is available at www.kratomilano.com, for high resolution images visit DropBox folder.

A beard won't grow over night, it requires time and commitment, which also reflects the development of Krato’s Beard Jewelry. During the past year, I faced many challenges and failures designing the perfect clip for the beard. After numerous design alterations, hand-made and 3D-printed prototypes, I finally developed a flawlessly functional clip. I designed three main shapes that were most favoured by men, skull, anchor, and a classic crystal. Now, I would appreciate your opinions and suggestions for the next design. Krato Beard Jewelry is made for YOU, and it won’t be possible without your involvement!

Krato Beard Jewelry is meant to be worn with dignity and treated with care, after all, you are one of the very few to own and wear this cool jewel!

Different facial hair styles names

Thank you once again for supporting Krato and backing via Kickstarter platform. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that helps independent creators launch a product, that otherwise would probably never see the light of day. Krato Beard Jewelry is in your hands, and is waiting to be worn on your glorious beards!

Thanks to all beardsmen for interest and support!

Biggest thanks to my family and friends for always being there for me during each step in realization of this project.

Special thanks for helping with content for this campaign,

Photography - Christian Stoyanov @novaimage , Costanzo D'Angelo

Modelling - Ryan Nukkahbish, Garrett Christian, Antonio Carrieri, Giuseppe Gambucci

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Unique beard styles

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