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This beard style is ideal for men with square or slightly rounded faces. The beard can be kept in short to a medium length. You can sculpt the sharp angles on the sides and bottom can be to give you a strong jaw line. This is one of the most popular beards, and will stand out when properly maintained. It’,s important to keep this type orderly so you can keep the sharp boxed image. Check out our Beard Care Tips section for more information. French beard styles.


This style is popular with big long beards, and suits a longer more oval face type. The French Fork is a very distinctive style, and when done right looks good. It gets its name from the fact that years ago forks in France only had two prongs.

It is also popular with motorcyclists since the wind does most of the grooming. For maintaining this type of beard (without access to a bike), you need a beard balm with a high sculpting rating to make sure the forks keep their shape.

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The Ducktail style is similar to the boxed style, but the chin area is longer and slightly pointy, rather than squared out. This style suites rounded and square faces. The Ducktail is another popular beard, and you can get away with a bit more of a scruffy look, while still looking sophisticated.

You can play around with how long you want the ‘,tail’, section to grow. Just be careful not to make the sides too short, or you will have a goatee. It is best to go slow and steady when trimming. For more information on trimming, check you the Beard Trimming Guide.

French cut beard styles


The Grizzly beard is the mecca of beards due to the time it takes to grow, and the rareness of people being genetically able to grow one. This beard is suited for oval or round face types. You need to invest some serious time in beard conditioning and moisturizing, but a little bit less time in trimming and grooming. You will still need to trim your beard, because there is a fine line between having it grizzly, and completely out of control. You do not need to keep it as squared off as the boxed beard. When it is that long, you want it to have some wildness to it.

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