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A very common question which arises when a man thinks about growing his beard is “Which beard style will suit me?” So here’,s some reasons the most important beard styles every man tries once in awhile. French beard styles.

We all think that it was either our fathers or grandfathers generation who started the rule that if you want to be a gentleman then you need to be clean shaven. Let me correct you there, it goes back to 3000 BC when copper tools were made. Copper razor’,s were invented as an approach to introduce personal hygiene. Alexander The Great strongly imposed that all men should be clean shaven since it looked tidier. Many profession’,s in today’,s world think the same but have different excuses.

Anybody can grow a short stubble by just not shaving for a few days. The important thing is about maintaining it. We need to trim it with a trimmer. Always remember that while growing any beard we need to remember that anything below the Adam’,s apple or above the cheekbone needs to be clean. You don’,t want to go back to being an ape.

Medium stubble is a beard style which is a bit longer than short stubble. It takes an average of 4-5 days for a man to reach the length of 3-5 mm. Anything above this length looks disgusting. It also a huge pain to women since they tend to get beard burns.

Long stubble is also known as the 5-o-clock shadow since its thick and dark. It’,s about 6 mm in length. Any man who chooses to be a stubble sport always chose this beard style since it kind of shows your face structure.

A full beard is one of the classic beard styles. Every man cannot grow this beard since some have a patchy growth or their follicles are not developed. You need to clean the upper part of the beard and below the neckline. Highly advised to go either to a professional hairdresser or barber to shape this kind of beard. Men die to own this kind of beard but there are some rules for this beard. Click here to see these 5 commandments.

French beard looks

It’,s a very simple beard but a tricky one too. It’,s a beard just on your chin connected to your mustache. If you got a round face go for the full grown French cut. For people who have an elongated or square shape face need to trim it regularly in order to maintain the look as long French beard may make you a woman repellent.

French fork beard is similar to the full beard but at the same time it extends below the chin and splits in the middle to resemble a fork.

Duck tail is another variation of the full beard. When you look at someone sporting this beard you’,ll be able to see that the upper part of the beard is short and only the area around the chin is allowed to grow.

Circle beard is one of those beard styles which is allowed in professions where the man needs to look tidy. You need to keep the length anywhere between 7-9 mm as long as it keeps it’,s shape. It works best for men with a squarish face. It’,s one of the easiest to maintain.

The extended goatee beard also has names like Hollywoodian or tail back. This beard has different variations by just adjusting the shapes and angles.

French beard styles how to

The imperial beard is not a beard style but a mustache and it came into style during the second empire in France. The main reason for this to be the center of attraction is because you need to clean the sideburns and the cheek area.

Anchor beard is any nautical lovers choice in beard styles. As amazing it sounds the trickier it is. The beard is a mix of a chin strap, goatee and a handle bar. You need to extend the hair just below your chin which connects to the soul patch, the pencil thin handle bar mustache compliments this style.

Mutton chops is a beard style for those wolverine lovers. To grow this style you need to allow your sideburns to grow freely to the sides of your mouth. A man is supposed to clean the portion on the chin in order to get the proper look. It doesn’,t suit everyone just a few outstanding men.

Friendly mutton chops is a variation of its former mutton chop. In this style we allow the mustache to grow in order to connect to the mutton chops.

Dutch beard is one of the most important beard styles for all our lumberjack and old school brothers. You need to allow it to grow freely below the the jaw line. The most important thing to keep in mind is whenever you sport the Dutch beard you need to loose the mustache.

French beard styles wiki

So, this was the list of beard styles every man usually tries and then settles for one main style he keeps for the rest of his life. Hope you get your style or try at least all these styles once a lifetime. Please remember that shaving your beard doesn’,t make you less of a Man because it gives you the pleasure to grow one again.

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