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The kingdom of Morocco in North Africa teems with people and tribes whose heritage ranges from the high Atlas Mountains to the southern sands of the Sahara. More than 33 million people make up the Islamic country whose culture can be seen in traditional djbellah’s, tea rituals and embellished riads. While the beauty of one of the countries largest and often traveled cities can be seen in its edifices and practices, male grooming has become a part of the modern day Moroccan man’s style aesthetic. What different beard styles mean.

Historically, the wearing of a beard for Moroccans has been tied to their religion of Islam and worn in honor of the Prophet Mohammed. Social trends along with an increasing desire for personal self-expression has led many of the younger men of Morocco to grow a beard, often with a minimal growth of hair outlining their chin and lower cheeks. On the other hand, those wearing full beards, sans moustache – a visual indicator distinguishing a beard worn for tradition –, are often some of the older men of Morocco and those who do so in acknowledgment of their religion.

“I wear a beard for my religion, Islam. It’,s because of Mohammed, but religion it’,s of no importance. It is because of Mohammed and that’s a different Islam,” said Yasin Boghabiyar, a seller of spices, who refrained from being photographed.

Yasin, who is 45 years old, shared his grooming ritual, “I don’t use a brush and I don’t shave. I use argil shampoo for my face and water from the roses. I mix it and make a mask. I leave it on for about three minutes every other day.”

Today, the grooming industry in Morocco, specifically for men’s products is increasing according to a May 2016 report by Euromonitor International.

Upon visiting the city of Marrakesh – especially the Medina –, one will find varied appearances of a beard on locals and natives of the country: from the Souks, to the Berber sellers and to the fringes of the market where the backdrop of ethnic quarters and historic palaces provide a deeper window into the city and its heritage.

Curious about the impetus behind the Marrakech man today –, his reasoning for adorning a beard and his grooming practice –, Bevel interviewed and photographed four men who work in the Medina about their beards and personal grooming ritual and found, that while religion has its place, so does expression.

I started growing my beard when I was 19, I’m 21 now. I started growing a beard because I liked it, it’s good for my style. I don’,t want to look young, but older.

What different beard styles mean

Does your beard have any religious meaning?

I am Muslim, but I don’,t have a beard because of my religion. A lot of my friends have beards too, it’s for the style like actors and musicians. But for me its never about someone, I do what I want.

It’s normal, all natural. I put nothing on it, just a little gel in my hair.

City: Marrakech, originally Soy Edakhlas

I am 35, and I’ve been growing my beard for 20 years. When you have a beard it’,s better. It’,s better than shaving, it protects your skin from the sun.

Does your beard have any religious meaning?

It’,s for tradition and religion, Islam. Always, we like to be like our big father, Mohammed. We keep the beard and the mustache clean. Each person, their mind and body is different. For us, the Sahraouian tribe –, it is civilization of life, it is not obligation.

What different beard styles mean

No oil. It is all-natural. Sometimes I use henna and sometimes it changes the color. And sometimes, I use a little argan oil and olive oil.

I am 21. I’ve been growing my beard for only three months. I do it because I like it. And, sometimes it makes me look older.

Does your beard have any religious meaning?

My religion is Islam, but my beard has nothing to do with religion. I don’t follow other styles, it’s something about me. It is because I like it and I like to keep it.

I brush it. I shampoo it in the day and the evening. I use what’s around, and that’s usually Head and Shoulders.

I’ve had it for a long time, maybe seven years. I think it is the men’s hormones.

Does your beard have any religious meaning?

What do different beard styles mean

About my religion, I am free. I’m a stylish man and I change my style from time to time.

I have more of a mustache than beard. I don’t do anything special. It’,s just part of my style.

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