Beard and moustache styles for round face. Fall Facial Hair Trends of 2016, 18, 8 Barrington

Fall Facial Hair Trends of 2016

At 18|8 Barrington, we’re always proud to offer the best in men’s hair and other men’s grooming services for those in and around Barrington, IL. As your trusted style consultants, we don’t just want you looking good when you leave our men’s salon – we want you looking good at all times. When you want to appear your best though, it’s important to think about if you want to incorporate facial hair into your look and if you do, what would be best. To help you come up with some ideas, we’ve provided a couple of the top facial hair trends for this season. Beard and moustache styles for round face.


This is the facial hair of choice when you want to give off a devil-may-care attitude. The great thing about this look is that it’s suitable for men of all face shapes and it’s simple to develop and maintain – perfect for those who don’t have the time or effort to put into keeping a fuller beard. Just go a few days without shaving and you’re good to go with no additional work necessary.

Circle Beard

One of the top beard styles is a combination of a moustache and a rounded goatee, known as the circle beard. It’s one of the most standard types of beards, not just for its trendiness, but its tidy appearance as well. If you’ve got an oval or round face shape, this may be just the right match for you.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

Full Beard

If you’re looking for something fuller or more rugged, you’ll want to go with the full beard. Obviously, this beard type isn’t for everyone, but if you can easily grow a thick and complete beard, then this is always an option. It may take about four to six weeks for a full beard to develop properly. Remember to constantly trim it during the growth process to make sure its appearance is neat. We recommend this type of beard for those with diamond or triangle shaped faces.


What was long considered to be a relic of the past and a facial hair failure now couldn’t possibly embody the spirit of this year’s fall facial trends any more perfectly. When you talk about top facial hair trends, you have to talk about top overall trends as well. Our very own client Nick, who not only rocks his mustache, but does so to raise awareness for prostate cancer as well can be seen with this hot fall facial trend! Watch him featured on ABC News below! If you want to pull off the look of this pop culture phenomenon, go with the traditional mustache.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

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If you’re looking for additional help or advice on any top beard styles, we encourage you to stop by our men’s salon and let our styling experts help you. To schedule an appointment with us, you can fill out our online form or give us a call at (224) 633-2188. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the style that fits you best!

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