Cool beard and mustache styles. Latest Beard Styles 2017 - Chooser s Guide

We bring you the beard styles which are most followed and are a trend these days. These beard designs are recognized globally and have proper method of grooming which will be discussed later. In other words, these are the best beard styles right now. Beard and mustache styles.

Finding and choosing a most suited beard style is very necessary. You need to be careful, not to choose a design which won’,t suit you. So, go through our latest beard style choosing guide and groom an awesome beard this year.

All the above mentioned beard styles are the general types of beard, we will now guide you through what beard styles are most famous under each of these categories.

Latest Full Beard Styles

Full beard is what you can call the actual beard. It is full throttle, you do not trim this type of beard. Only some elongated or split facial hair is removed using scissors.

You are at ease with not trimming it so you don’,t have to worry about trimmer, styling your sideburns or beard lines etc. They grow out naturally with such facial hair styles. But you need to focus on the health of your beard.

In order to grow a long beard, your facial hair needs to be moisturized, strong, smooth, untangled and should grow out fast. For its health you definitely need to use beard oil and conditioners.

M ost Followed Full Beards

These are the latest beard styles among full beards.

You may find both these long beard style pictures same, but there is a difference between these two. In the first one the facial hair is let to grow out and only bad hair is removed while in the second one the beard is kept compact, tangled hair along with all other facial hair which point outwards is removed.

H ow to Groom Full Beard

Now, if you are interested in grooming a full beard style, here is what you have to do:

Let your beard and mustache grow out for 4- 5 months.

Apply beard oil on daily basis.

Use a comb or beard brush to straighten and shape you facial hair.

Keep on removing hair from your neck and cheek (optional).

Latest Short Beard Styles

Short beard can be called half of the full beard. In other words, this type of beard style is trimmed beyond a certain point. People often mix it with long stubble but they are not the same. Long stubble is shorter than short beard style.

Short beard is the best latest beard style for youth. In this style you need to be punctual with the trimming process. You have to choose any length which you prefer and then trim your beard regularly using it. The trimmer which you use should be an adjustable beard trimmer and should be able to trim long hair.

Short beards are among best beard styles of all time and people like to rock these styles. It can prove to be a good beard style for teenagers who like to have proper long beard but can’,t groom it, this is the best alternative because it is next to the long style.

Beard and moustache styles pictures

M ost Followed Short Beards

These are the most followed and latest beards among the short ones.

Both these are the most followed short styles for beard these days. The first one can be called a rough short beard style, in this style you do not do the beard lines which means you don’,t remove your hair from cheeks or the neck but keep it small using any scissors. In the second one you have take care of your beard lines and trim your cheek and neckline in a proper way.

H ow to Groom Short Beard

Here is how you can rock this style:

Grow your beard for around 2 months.

Keep on applying any good beard oil to make your beard healthy.

After two months when you reach a certain length (not shorter than shown in the pictures), use a beard trimmer and stick to this length.

Remove any hair which you consider out of order or split.

Trim the extra hair above cheek line and below neckline.

Latest Short Stubble Styles

Short stubble beard is the most easiest to groom among different beard styles. Any man can easily rock this beard style. It needs to be taken care of on daily basis. You need to know a little beard designing tactics for grooming this style.

It is latest beard style for teenagers and would suit almost men of all ages.

M ost Followed Short Stubble Styles

You can always play along with the short stubble style and design it in many ways. But these two are the most followed and decent short stubble.

Both these are mainstream short stubble designs. The difference is that one is left rough, its lines are not defined and in the second one the beard is properly trimmed at the beard lines.

H ow to Groom Short Stubble

For grooming this beard style here is the process:

Let your beard grow for 2 –, 3 days.

Trim your beard regularly at 2 –, 3 mm length setting (beyond this length, it would be another style).

Indian mustache and beard styles

Define your beard lines, clearly remove any hair above cheek and below the neck.

Latest Medium Stubble Styles

Next up on the new beard styles list we have medium stubble. It is a little longer than the short stubble but has a totally different look and grooming method.

For people who want to grow beard but are not at ease with maintenance and styling, this style is the best option. It does not require a lot of hard work and gives a good beard look on almost all faces.

M ost Followed Medium Stubble Styles

These are the new and inn beard styles among the most followed ones.

Both of these different beard styles are medium stubble but they are different. The first one is well shaped, the hair from neck and cheek is removed clearly and it is slightly tapered (thin at the sideburns and thick towards the chin). The second one is a normal medium stubble, it is trimmed evenly and the beard lines are left natural.

H ow to Groom Medium Stubble

Here is how you can grow medium stubble:

Take care of the beard lines or let them grow naturally.

Latest Long Stubble Styles

Long stubble is a proper beard and is a good look on your face but it need healthy facial hair. A little hard work is required to achieve the long stubble beard style. It is a best beard style for 30+ men to show off some manliness and a great look.

For this style, your hair needs to be strong as well as thick, it should cover your cheeks properly. Additionally, you have to take care of your beard using a trimmer and scissors as well.

This style may get confused with short beards but short beard is slightly longer than this one.

M ost Followed Long Stubble Styles

These are latest beard styles of 2017 among long stubble styles for beard.

These two are examples of long stubble beard. In the first beard style picture the facial hair is settled and trimmed properly while in the second one the hair is rough and the beard lines are not done.

H ow to Groom Long Stubble

You can easily groom these beard styles by following the following steps.

Let your facial hair grow for about a month.

Trim your beard regularly at 7- 9 mm length and use scissors at certain points like mustache.

Celebrity beard and mustache styles

Keep on applying suitable beard oil time to time (to make you facial hair thick and strong).

Remove any unwanted hair at your neck or above the cheeks.

Latest Goatee Styles

Next up we have one of the most stylish beard style of all time and it still stands among the latest beard styles. It is Goatee Beard Style.

Goatee is famous among all men and lots of men rock it on. It takes little precise and keen observation while shaping this style. Once you design your goatee properly, then it is easy to maintain.

Goatee has lots of types, each of them stands out differently and has its own look. It can be of different design depending on your faces shape and facial hair.

M ost Followed Goatee Styles

There are lots of goatee beard styles, but these two below are the most followed nowadays.

The picture above shows full goatee style and the one below it show elongated goatee. Elongated goatee can also be counted among short beard styles. Full goatee is simple goatee around your mouth and the rest is shaved off.

H ow to Groom Goatee Style

Let your beard grow for a while (depends on what size of goatee you want to rock).

Trim your beard evenly before shaping your goatee.

Imagine two lines going straight down from both ends of your mouth, all the way to your chin.

Shave off every things beyond these lines.

Good Luck with the Beard Styles!!

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