Black beard line up styles. Beard Perfect Beard Comb and Shaping Tool for Perfect Lines Symmetry (Black) Beard Neckline

•Ever wanted that fresh barber line up without having to go to the barber ever other day and spending tons of money. Now you can with Beard Perfect Beard comb and shaping tool. Black beard line up styles.

•Its tapered edge design makes it easy to form perfect lines. Shave right till the edge and achieve that perfect line up.

•Constructed out of high quality plastic Just place the beard template against your cheek or your neck and let its flat edge guide you as you move the razor or trimmer.

•This beard tool will let you shave or cut with confidence! Great For necklines, cheek lines, jawline or goatee lines.

Black beard line up styles

Product Features

CRISP AND CLEAN SHAVE LINES- Use this facial hair shaping template and its handy leveling marks as reference to achieve a symmetrical look quickly and easily! Just place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your razor do the rest!

NO MORE TANGLES &, KNOTS- With the help of a little beard oil and this great grooming tool’,s handy built in combs, these inconveniences belong to the past!

SAVES YOU MONEY: Don’,t spend another cent on a barber to line up your beard! Save money with Beard Perfect and always have a fresh beard line and neckline line in the convenience of your own home.

Black beard line up styles

STREAM LINE DESIGN –, The teeth comb design ensures that any size beard long or short can be tamed and styled effortlessly. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs. The brush ends provides the ideal clean up solution, ridding yourself of any stray off cuts.

SHAPE MULTIPLE STYLES: Shapes a variety of beard styles, this amazing facial hair template will help you shape your cheek line, neck line, jaw line, mustache, goatee, sideburns and more.

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