Beard and moustache styles for round face. Your Best Beard: The Perfect Length for Your Face, Bevel Code

Words by Corey Chalumeau Beard and moustache styles for round face.

Now that we’,re leaning into the colder months of the season, some of you might be opting to grow your beard instead of keeping it clean and pristine. Do it up, but focus on choosing the best beard shape and incorporating the best beard care practices in your regimen. We spoke with the Beard King, Faheem Alexander to get his take on when Bevel men need when it comes to growing their beards out. Here are our expert tips on choosing the right beard for you in the first installment of our “,Your Best Beard”, series.

This facial shape has a wide hairline, narrow chin and broad jawline. We’ll use Kanye as an example for this one. In order to balance out his broader cheekbones, Yeezy usually sports filled in chin hair, while avoiding too much fullness along the sides of his face. A full beard on this face shape can accentuate the jawline, making it appear wider.

The Takeaway: Keep it short on the side and full in your mustache and chin hair.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

This facial shape has a well-defined jaw, but unlike the triangular facial shape, you can grow out your beard in it’s entirety. However, because the jawline is already defined, we recommend keeping the beard trimmed.

When it comes to a full beard, look no further than Mr. Rick Ross. You’ll be able to spot the biggest boss from anywhere because of his signature beard. Without fail he sports it proudly. However, a beard of this magnitude looks best on larger, rounder faces.

The Takeaway: This style takes not only commitment, but also a full face to balance the beard. If your bone structure is more slight, try a different style.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

Our reference for the round face will be legendary beard-rocker – Common. Individuals with a round face tend to be the lucky ones because there aren’t too many constraints in how they can rock their beard–,either cleanly trimmed or full.

The Takeaway: If you face is round, there’,s no limitations on your style of beard. Rock yours however you feel.

The essence of becoming a man is understanding what look[s] work best for you, and not falling victim to what the general media deems as in or trendy. Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this Beard Series, where we discuss daily maintenance for your beard.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

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