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Guys, this one&rsquo,s for you! Perth&rsquo,s barber scene has taken off in the past few years and it&rsquo,s making all the girls in the yard jealous. The boys get to enjoy pool, beer, burgers and arcade games while getting their hair did. Not fair. We want equality dammit! Barbershop beard styles.

That said, it&rsquo,s high-time men get a bit of pampering&mdash,considering their haircuts of the olden days consisted of a dodgy shopping centre chain, a quick slap around the head with the clippers and a free mint on the way out. We&rsquo,re still jealous though.

Here are 5 of Perth&rsquo,s best barbers!

Weston',s Barbershop &, Shave Parlour

Where all the hipsters go to get their hair did, Weston&rsquo,s in Northbridge will treat you to a man-scaping experience like no other and afterwards you get to take someone on in a game of pool. Winning! Instead of haircuts, the dudes from Weston&rsquo,s create works of art on top of people&rsquo,s heads with skin fades, undercuts and cool swishy &lsquo,dos. They also offer beard trims and traditional shaves with hot towel treatments.

Barbershop beard styles

Uncle Joe',s Barber

One of the best barbers in Perth, Uncle Joe',s know how to lure even the most unkempt male into their barber shop for a short back and sides. Burgers. They are the way to a mans heart after all. Heck, they&rsquo,re the way to anyone&rsquo,s heart. Uncle Joe&rsquo,s have also got enough coffee, smoothies and treats from the Bare Baker to keep any man happy. All of that, plus some of the best men&rsquo,s &lsquo,dos and beard-scaping in town. Kinda wish I was a man.

His Lid

Winning the award for the coolest barber shop fit out in Perth (they&rsquo,ve got top hat lights hanging from the ceiling!), the newly opened His Lid in Subiaco know what men want. Every standard service (which includes a wash, head massage, cut and style) comes with your drink of choice, and it&rsquo,s not just the usual tea/coffee/water offering, you get to choose between whiskey, rum, beer or coffee. Totes amazeballs. Plus, Subi workers get $10 off their first cut! Saweeeet!

Gentlemen&rsquo,s Hair Lounge

As well as blondes, gentlemen prefer the Gentlemen&rsquo,s Hair Lounge in Subiaco and it&rsquo,s no wonder because with every appointment you&rsquo,ll get a free beer, scotch or whiskey. Sit back, relax and enjoy some man grooming (including facials, beard trims and shaves, massage and men&rsquo,s wellness) while watching sport or reading the latest men&rsquo,s mags. These guys also offer function packages&mdash,perfect for the stately man&rsquo,s birthday or bucks party!

Black barbershop beard styles

Dr Snippy&rsquo,s Barber Lounge

Though the name sounds a little ominous, Dr Snippy&rsquo,s in Perth is a far cry from Sweeny Todd. This old school little barber shop offers a free beer with every haircut or cut-throat shave after 12pm and you get unlimited plays on their arcade game once you&rsquo,ve been made presentable. They also stock some of the best hair and beard care products, as well as razors, strops and sharpening stones if you&rsquo,re more of a DIY dude. With free parking out the back and discounts available to students, Dr Snippy&rsquo,s are hands down one of the best barbers in Perth.

Side note: Word on the street is that Brooklyn Lounge will soon be opening a barbershop around the corner from their Claremont digs that&rsquo,s going to be crazy cool.

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