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A beard is a personal statement. It is the culmination of your personality, tastes, experience and beliefs. From the look of things, facial hair will soon surpass Abs as the most sought after feature in a man. Beard grooming and styles.

Various studies show that most women find men with beards to be more masculine, aggressive and in touch with their wild side. Thankfully, the modern workplace is accommodating to facial hair. Therefore, you can express your sense of style devoid of the restrictions our fathers once had.

I know how overwhelming choosing the right kind of beard can be, especially if your lady who has strong preferences. I like having a scruffy beard, however, my lady wants me to have a full beard. I get the silent treatment whenever I trim it.

The choice of a beard style can be influenced by culture, religion, personality or even profession. However, the most important factor is the shape of your face. Below are the most common types of face shapes and optimal beard styles for each.

The face is almost equal in length and width, full cheeks, few angles and a rounded chin. Kanye West is the best example. The goal is to curve the face to appear more oval. Moustache, beard trimmed with hard lines and a goatee are the best options.

The face is similar in length to width, broad forehead and a well-defined jawline. The aim is to highlight the prominent jawline while softening your bone structure. If you are looking for a corporate look then go for a full beard, cropped short and close to the face. Other options include scruffy beard, goatees, mustache or beard without hard lines.

Beard trimming style guide

Cheekbones and forehead are wider than the jawline which ends with a pointy chin. The aim is to cover the chin hence balance it with the broad upper face. Such a face goes well with a full beard but you can go as bushy as you want. Scruffy beard or thick sideburns could also work.

The face is longer than the width. Men with oval faces are the luckiest when it comes to growing beards. Most styles work on you. Whatever style you choose to sport is bound to work well with your face.

Similar to the oval though it’s narrower, longer and has a pointy chin. The goal is to shorten the face and a create a strong jaw line. A close trimmed beard would work well.

The triangle face is also known as the pear shape. The jawline is the widest part of the face which angles to a narrow forehead. A full beard trimmed to square jawline and slim face works best.

Choosing a beard style is just the first step. You will need to take a few other steps each day to ensure it is neat and clean. When you want to create a better grooming routine, check out the variety of beard oils and balms that are available.

Beard styles and grooming kits

When you are starting to grow your facial hair, it may seem itchy, and you will notice beardruff. Beardruff is the equivalent of dandruff, which can create dark flakes on your skin. Avoid shaving or trimming too often.

Some women are turned off by facial hair thinking they harbor dirt which is completely untrue. Wash your beard regularly and clean it with a comb or brush to ensure that it grows evenly.

The growth of facial hair is negatively affected by stress, sleep deprivation and smoking. For a healthy mane, use beard oil. Check out the following collection of beard products.

The best beard facial balm offers all-natural ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Beeswax. These ingredients will not only nourish your face but also stimulate growth. You simply need to apply a little bit of oil on your face to for desired results.

Since a man’,s facial hair separates men from boys, grow and take good care of your mane especially now that beards are back in fashion.

Beard trimming and styles

Remember, a man doesn’,t grow a beard, the beard grows a man.

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