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Beard very significantly defines a particular style statement for every guy. It suits men of all ages and could be a perfect pick to change their look completely. It helps them wear any look ranging from rough, tough, rough and tough, intense, nerdy, composed, hot, flirtatious or chocolaty. And yes, It does wonders on women too! Beard grooming and styles.

But a very important thing which has to be kept in mind is to choose the best suited style for you. It depends on factors like the shape of your face, quality of your hair and the area of face covered by your beard. However, getting a beard isn’t enough, its’ just the trailer. The most important part that follows it forever is GROOMING it well and REGULARLY. Grooming becomes important because an ungroomed beard looks quite untidy and might spoil your overall appearance. Let’s check some easy but key grooming points.

Wait, let them grow!

You need to be patient first and let them grow. It might take some time but to get a new shape and style they first need to be fully grown. If you keep trimming then probably you are cutting down the chances of trying different styles. Hair in some parts of the beard grow faster than others so, to let those attain a good length is important.

The Right One

You might like some style but probably that’s not going to suit you. So, listen to professionals here and let them suggest you with the best one according to your face and the quality of your facial hair. You may go for a goatee, french beard, stubbles, rounded full beard, V shaped beard, long beard or a short one. The best part is that almost all the styles are in fashion now. You can book your appointment with the best stylist right from your home using Style My Body app. It provides you with the list of all good salons in your city and lets you book your appointment in the time slot of your choice.

Beard trimming style guide

Trimmed &, Tidy

Keeping a well groomed beard is very essential else it will ruin your look. It has to be trimmed regularly otherwise it may appear messy and uneven. You may take tips from your professional beforehand about the trimming. They will guide you according to your particular style and your facial hair growth. Apart from trimming you can try brushing and making the beard grow in a particular direction. This saves your time when you are too busy to trim it regularly, and if you are not trimming and growing them, that also adds volume to your beard.

Hey, let it dry first!

You must not trim your beard when they are still wet. Let them dry or else you will over trim them. Hair look longer when wet. So, if you trim them when they are still wet there is a big chance of over trimming and making them look uneven. Wait until they are dry and then trim them to get that perfect look.

Shampoo &, Condition them

Your facial hair also need to be perfectly taken care of. You should shampoo them two to three times a week depending on the exposure to pollution and dust. Not shampooing or using harsh soaps can make them rough and deplete the quality of your beard. Using face washes or soaps can also cause split ends and dry them.

Beard trimming styles 2014

Conditioning is essential as it retains the moisture in the hair and keeps the dryness and split ends at bay. It also protects them from pollutants and dirt by making a coat on your beard. Plus it gives a glossy look and makes them soft to touch.

Nourish them with the right diet and oiling

A balanced diet is what a healthy beard needs just like a healthy body. Giving the ample amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals is required to keep them healthy and lustrous. Iron, zinc, biotin, niacin and Vitamin C are some of the nutrients that help hair grow.

Yes, oiling is quite important to get healthy beard. You can oil them overnight and shampoo in the morning or you may also oil two hours prior shampooing. Oiling has numerous benefits like it nourishes your buddy, delays graying to an extent, hydrates and moisturizes, conditions it, adds new shine to them, keeps dryness and split ends at bay, stimulates growth and nourishes the cheek underneath. If the cheek is under nourished then it will be reflected on the hair as well. So, say yes to oiling even if you are not a big fan of it.

Beard trimming and styles

Don’t forget your Moustache

Usually beards are accompanied with a moustache. Keeping a well-shaped moustache adds to the look. Moreover, moustache is the centre of beard but many a times a not so well trimmed moustache worsens the entire look. You can keep well-trimmed short moustache, long ones, thick ones, blend it with the beard or keep them above your beard or just any way you like them to be.

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