Hairstyles with full beard. The Beard and the Rise of Male Grooming

Beards have been the biggest male trend of the last few years, adopted by nearly every celebrity and rock star at some point in their career. The rise of the male grooming phenomena –, men’s haircuts, beard trimming and beard care have made barbering the new rock n’ roll. Hairstyles with full beard.

There’s an increase in uber-cool barbershops around the world, and the sales of male grooming products have overtaken that of women’s beauty in some countries, including South Korea. The explosion in the choice of products highlight the rise of this male grooming phenomena.

Tom Hardy’,s Beard

Consistently voted as one of the world’s sexiest men Tom Hardy has sported beards of all lengths and descriptions. From designer stubble through to a full-on, face covering wide beards. This is one of our favourites – a full beard joining the moustache but with a slight shave area under the bottom lip.

Tom’s beard is a bit unkempt from cheek to chin, so if your client prefers something more structured, let MK show you how to create this tapered beard with with fading.

Mens hairstyles with full beards

Kanye West's Beard

Kanye West is never one to shy away of a statement anything and this sharp cut, goatee style, moustache and beard shows his love of detail. To create something this precise requires a steady hand and excellent training.

MK again demonstrates the technique and skill that keeps him in worldwide demand with this chin-strap beard tutorial.

Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby

Peaky Blinders has taken the wold by storm - featuring a family of Birmingham gangsters, with the most in demand shaved back and sides haircuts on TV. Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, has one of the best, with the overall look coming together with his moustache – which is sometimes a handlebar moustache and sometimes not!

Hairstyles with a full beard

Paul Anderson as Peaky Blinders' Arthur Shelby

Whilst every series generates an influx of clients wanting a ‘Shelby’, more conservative gents may prefer tapered beards with finely a crafted handlebar moustache, like this one, created by Erika Vera of New York Barbershop.

One of Jared Leto's Beards

And if there was ever a man who can show exactly how face changing facial hair can be it has to be Jared Leto.

Hairstyles to go with full beard

Just like other Hollywood A-listers, Jared seems to be prefer a more undone look for his beard. However, for more structure we prefer his full beard look and recommend this video tutorial, also by Erika Vera of New York Barbershop.


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