Scruffy beard styles. Golden Globes 2017: Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds rock beards on red carpet -

The red carpet at the 74th Golden Globes was covered with women in gorgeous gowns and men in dapper tuxedos. Beauty and fashion trends had us transfixed all night long, but one trend in particular kept us talking this morning — the bold beards! Scruffy beard styles.

Our favorite actors hit the red carpet with fashionable facial hair, proving you don't have to be clean-shaven to look like a million bucks.

Ryan Gosling

The actor took home an award for best actor in a musical or comedy for his work in "La La Land," but it was his off-screen style that had us dreaming about the "City of Stars."

Justin Timberlake

The triple threat can do no wrong when it comes to producing hit after hit, and his red carpet style is no different. Timberlake arrived at the Golden Globes sporting a scruffy beard to go along with his "Suit &, Tie."

Chris Pine

Chris Pine paired his traditional black tuxedo with an immaculately groomed beard.

Bryan Cranston

The actor was nominated for his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in "All the Way," and sported a salt and pepper beard with trendy specs!

Scruffy beard styles

Chris Hemsworth

The actor was on hand to present the award for best foreign language movie. He paired his dapper tuxedo with a cropped beard that's become his signature look.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds was nominated for his work in "Deadpool" and hit the red carpet with stylish scruff and a traditional tux. Blake Lively's one lucky lady!

Casey Affleck

The actor, who took home a statue for his role in "Manchester by the Sea," sported the most dramatic beard of the night — along with a man bun!

Ben Affleck

Casey's big brother Ben also showed off a well-groomed beard while presenting with Sienna Miller and Zoe Saldana.

Donald Glover

It was a big night for the "Atlanta" creator, who took home awards for best actor in a TV musical or comedy and best TV series, musical or comedy. The 33-year-old star paired a snappy brown velvet tux with a close-cropped beard.

Scruffy beard styles

Dev Patel

The "Lion" star brought us the cutest moment of the night when he came out onstage with his co-star Sunny Pawar. One day, when he's all grown up, maybe Sunny will rock some trendy whiskers like Patel!

Tom Hiddleston

The actor took home a Golden Globe for his work in "The Night Manager" and took the stage with some sexy scruff.

Simon Helberg

Helberg was nominated for his role in "Florence Foster Jenkins" and hit the red carpet with some bold facial hair, a departure from his baby-faced look on "The Big Bang Theory."

Riz Ahmed

"The Night Of" star Riz Ahmed mixed it up by pairing his traditional tuxedo with some manly scruff.

Steve Carell

The comedian paired up with Kristen Wiig to present the award for best animated film and looked great with his well-groomed beard!

Scruffy beard looks

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