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Historically, the beard was considered to be an attribute of a charismatic personality, being a symbol of strength and solid character. Recent years beard has become the most trending fashion statement. Beard can make any type of face look more mature, manly and strong, it can hide facial deformities. It does not matter how long is your hair, hair type is straight or curly, beard suit everyone. With this trend, the need of beard styling and beard trimming came forward. At Oasis Beauty&,Spa our barber will teach you how to choose beard stylish trends. Long beard trimming styles.

If you want to get a beard haircut our stylist made recommendations about different types of beards that are best for the shape of your face:

Long Narrow Face

For a long face, the best option is to keep your chin hair short. A bit of 5 o’clock shadow or two days growth on the lower half of the face will be great.

Round Face

Bushy sideburns and a long beard should be avoided. You should choose a solid goatee that will help narrow the face and make it slightly longer.

Beard trimming styles neck

Square Face

To soften extreme square jaw line you need to grow an all over beard that is cut close to the face. With such a beard the bottom of your face will look a bit more rounded.

Beard Trimming Price In Krakow at Oasis Beauty&,Spa

Our highly qualified professionals will help you choose a beard style that will suit you best, will groom it. We offer the best service in Krakow and for your knowledge our beard trimming price is affordable for everyone. If you wish to get your beard trimmed, then visit us at Oasis Beauty&,Spa! Find the price for beard trimmimg here.

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Why Groom Your Hair At Oasis Beauty&,Spa

Today beard is a fashion tribute. Beard is a new, very clear and powerful masculine trend. It is easy to notice that man with a beard in a business suit looks harmonious. Today unshaven cheeks and beard became a symbol of the men’s brutality. World stylists have allowed men to forget about the clean-shaven cheeks and offered a lot of men’s beard style ideas. There are many designs for beard haircuts. At our barbershop our professionals that have certificates from leading schools of hairdressing and use the best male grooming products. We have many men’s grooming ideas that will help you look trendy, mature and more manly. Welcome to Oasis salon in Krakow!

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