Beard trimming styles neck. Grooming Styles for Bald Guys, The Bald Champion

Oh no, you’,re losing your hair! Do not fear, young bald brother –, just because you’,re losing your hair doesn’,t mean you don’,t still have a plethora of grooming options. There are plenty of hair styles for bald guys. Different beard trimming styles.

It’,s easy to assume that when you’,re losing your hair, your only style option is to completely bic your head clean. I’,m here to tell you that this assumption is TOTALLY FALSE!

When you’,re bald, you don’,t have to shave your head. It’,s recommended to at least try it once, but there are still a lot of different of looks you can try. Think about it –, you can have infinitely varying length of head hair and infinitely varying length of facial hair. Within your facial hair, you can have dozens upon dozens of facial hair styles. With that said, despite losing your hair, there are still hundreds of different grooming styles to pick from. You will find one that works for you, it’,s a mathematical inevitability.

Here are, in my humble opinion, the best options:

Shaved head with a beard

If you can grow a nice beard, this look is a classic. Luckily, as a bald man, you’,ll be able to grow a beard better than most guys. Look at this look as very “,niche”,, there is a small subset of the female population that goes absolutely nuts over this look. Also –, bald hipsters –, this is the look for you.

Head and Beard Stubble

This look is my personal favorite, and what I personally rock on a daily basis. It’,s easy –, just buzz your head with electric clippers every few days and let nature run it’,s course. It’,s a very masculine look and has a slight balancing effect to your face. If you have a good jaw line, this is normally the best look.

Beard trimming styles gq

Mid-length(for a bald guy) Hair with facial Stubble

I’,ll be honest, this is a look is hard for the majority of guys to pull off. The reality is that not everybody looks like Jason Statham. However, for those that do rock this look –, it’,s a total killer. Being muscular is a boost to any bald mans look, but for this style specifically –, you should really be buff.

Totally Clean Shaven

And of course, there’,s always totally clean shaven bald. If you get a tan and keep care of your skin, you can rock this look very well.

Why haven’,t you shaved your head already?

Those above 4 are my personal favorite looks for bald guys. Obviously, you can still be bald and have many different styling options.

Besides the 4 mentioned above, I’,d like to reiterate this last point: just because you’,re bald doesn’,t mean that you’,re styling options are limited.

Beard trimming styles 2014

My tip for you is this: experiment. Try buzzing your hair at different lengths, try buzzing your facial hair at different lengths, try different facial hair styles. There are so many options, surely you will find one that looks good on you.

Here’,s two categories that you can mix and match –,

Top of head

Any of the lengths between One and Zero

Facial Hair

Zero Trim Stubble on Face

Any of the lengths between One and Zero

Different styles of beard trimming

In that simple table alone, you have 25 different styling combinations to pick from. And that isn’,t even including all of the different ways you can shave your facial hair –, things like goatees, mustaches, etc. Despite being bald, you still have options. Everyone has a look that works for them, you just have to experiment to find it.

A helpful thing to do would be to find a celebrity that potentially looks similar to you and imitating their style. I say this because bald celebrities have professional stylists working for them that designed a look that works for them. If you look like a celebrity, maybe you should try out the style they use –, it might work for you too.

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