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Previously on Chris wonders whether or not he should stop smooth skinning it for the winter and grow a manly beard. Reader response is decidely positive, with 82% of voters saying, "Go for it." (Grow for it?) Chris keeps on not shaving. Civil war era beard styles.

So, there's my face. Seven days of not shaving, and the half-beard I have to show for it.

Thankfully - the worst is behind me: most of the itching has subsided. Well, some, at least. I've stopped touching my face and thinking there's a furry creature attacking my head. And most importantly, I'm passed that weird inbetween stubble stage where my beard looks like it belongs on an 80s movie villain and I should have a ponytail and wear a white blazer with the sleeves rolled up and a giant cross earring.

" Virility didn't have a manual -- until now! Whether you rock the wise Fu Manchu or the classic Lumberjack, this book has instructions on the care, growth and grooming of 30 retro and modern 'staches as well as coordinating style tips for non-facial parts."

If you had a beard like this, you know you'd try it too...

Civil war era facial hair styles

This thirty-year-old from Tennessee attempts to get 3,000 toothpicks situated in his beard. Watch the video to see how it goes:

So, we love Valet magazine's "Beginners Guide to Beards" which contains helpful, real advice for managing facial hair of all sorts of lengths.

A seriously worthwhile read.

has collected the very fine beard type chart below, and its founder, Jon Dyers, has embarked on a quest to sport each and every one.

Civil war era facial hair styles

Dude, everyone knows the Queen's Brigade isn't as awesome as the Flapwings.

Oh, you didn't? Then you, my friend, need to get a copy of "The Hierarchy of Beards."

Beards have been part of humanity's hairy history for decades.

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