Thin hair beard styles. 10 Latest Beard Styles for Men to follow in 2017

Welcome to our collection of latest beard styles 2017. You can choose any of these 10 beard styles if you really want to have a best beard style in 2017. Thin hair beard styles.

To look fashionable and cool, beard is the strongest element of what a man has. Beards have been the best styling element for men throughout the life and mostly in last 2 centuries.

Lots and lots of new beard looks come in sight every decade and men love to follow them, because these men’,s beard styles bring out more of what you are and makes you look even stronger, both in masculinity and care.

Every man know that his looks depend on maintaining beard. In fact it is the task to which a man pays more attention.

Every man would have a question in mind that which beard style suits me? OR what is the best beard for my face? So, if you are looking for some inn and new beard styles to choose from, for following this year, you are at the right place. We have a list for you.

Different beard styles have different grooming process. You need to be careful with different types of beard styles. In some styles your beard needs to be oiled while in other it needs to be properly trimmed time to time. Clearly read out the process for the beard types styles you want to go for so that it gets easy for you to achieve.

10 latest beard styles with grooming process and recommendations

Fuzzy Medium Stubble

Fuzzy Medium Stubble is under the short beard category and is the result of properly trimmed medium stubble.

It is on the top of our list, this latest beard style for youth can be easily achieved and really gives a strong and great look to some face shapes.

Most of the people will opt for this style because of its ease of maintenance and achievement.

It is 5 mm beard length which makes it medium stubble.

The process for going into this latest beard style is very easy and simple. You need to let your beard grow for 1 –, 2 weeks time, as it depends from man to man. Some beards grow slow and some grow fast.

Put your trimmer on 5 mm precision length setting, Milano ER-GB40-S is the recommended trimmer for this style. Use your trimmer daily or if not possible then on second day with the same length setting.

The length setting may vary for different people, so if the style does not sits perfectly on you, then you may try 4mm or 6 mm length setting for yourself.

Also remember to keep removing any extra hair from your cheeks above the cheek line or below neckline. It would be more preferable to trim your beard below chin with a length setting a little less from what you use for your entire beard, it will make you feel easy with this style and there won’,t be any scratches either.

Since 5 mm length hair is a little sharp and point, so it may cause you scratches sometimes but no need to worry.

Tapered Beard

The tapered beard is gradually lessened or reducing towards one side.

You can go for any style like short stubble, medium stubble or long stubble etc. and then make it tapered. This one is the latest beard style for round face.

It is indeed a handsome style and looks good with almost every man, just that it is difficult to maintain. Because you have to keep your beard in different steps which makes the trimming process a bit difficult, but once you get used ti it then it will be easy for you.

After growing your beard for a while, like 4 –, 6 weeks, you can go for this style. This style can be better applied to a beard with a length of at least 10 mm so you need to grow it for 4 or more weeks.

So get your trimmer, you are about to start trimming your beard and fade it out towards your sideburns.

The recommended trimmer for this style is ER-GB60-K

It has got 39 length settings and it is very precise. Besides, it has a wide blade so makes it easy to trim an entire portion together. With small blades you have to go up and down several times which effects the tapered style, so you need a wide blade trimmer.

Set your trimmer to the highest length setting which you want towards the end (chin). for example for 10 mm beard, start with 8 mm from the sides of your chin.

Start trimming at the exact area (normally jawline) from where you want to start the tapering process, trim one inch up.

Now lift the trimmer and go one inch up, set your trimmer to a shorter length setting then it was before and trim one inch up (in our example it was 8 mm so this time length setting will be 6 mm)

Beard styles for thin hair

Again, lift the trimmer one inch up, bring it to a shorter length setting and trim one inch up. (this time 4 mm)

Repeat this process till you reach your side burns, and then do the same on the other side of your face with same length settings and same placement.

By doing the process correctly, at the end you will get a latest tapered beard style which always has an amazing touch to your beard.

Full Throttle Beard

Full beard style is dark and thick beard. It is the best one only if you can make your self comfortable with long hair on your face.

This beard style is easy to achieve but then you have to maintain it well. Maintenance is not difficult at all but it is regular work.

Long beard styles have been followed by millions of people and are inn for 2017 as well.

As you can see in the picture, it is thick and nice facial hair so for this you need to make your facial hair strong, thick, connected and give it a good hold.

Balm and Oil are often misunderstood by people for having the same effect on beard but actually both of them have different effects. Oil is for making facial hair stronger, thicker and making it grow faster whereas balm is for hold, moisturizing and a perfect shape.

Both are equally important to be applied on long beard styles.

While growing your beard and applying balm and oil regularly, you also need to remove hair above your cheek line and slightly trim your beard below neckline.

After you reach a certain long length and you want to keep the length constant over there, start using beard scissors for removing and long hair. This way your beard will be in shape and won’,t be longer than you want.

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Thin Precise Line Beard

Precise line beard is precisely trimmed beard at neckline and cheek line. It is thin and not dark. This style is also a good fade haircut beard.

As visible in the picture, for this style you have to precisely trim your neckline and cheek line. Also keep your beard in a good shape by daily trimming with same length setting.

This short beard style for men ranges from 2 mm to 8 mm but it most suit 4 mm beard.

Most suitable trimmer for this style is Norelco 9100

It comes with a laser light guide, so makes the precise lining easy for you.

The process here is a bit tricky. First off, you need to trim all your beard end-end with one same length setting. You can put the length setting on 2 –, 8 mm.

Now, after you are done with bringing all your beard to one same level. It is the time for trimming neckline and cheek line.

Beards-men suggest to have a fade out haircut with this style, same as in the picture above.

Rough Beard

Rough beard is among short beard styles. It is a stubble but you have to clear your neck and cheeks from hair a little bit.

Rough beard is a latest beard style for men between 30 and 40. It most suits men over 30, but anyone can go for it and is one of the trendy beard styles 2017.

The process is pretty simple. You need to let your beard grow for about 1.5 months and mean while keep doing your hair on neck and above cheek line with scissors.

Once you reach the length in the picture then you need to start removing hair from your neck using a shorter length setting than the actual beard length. This will clear your neck from extra hair.

Also keep on removing extra hair above the cheek line using scissors.

Beard styles for thin hair

The most important part about this new beard style is maintaining your beard length and keeping your hair smooth and soft, so it does not irritate you.

For length maintenance you need put your trimmer to a length setting which is more then the actual beard length (if your beard length is 11 mm put the trimmer on 12 mm). By doing so you will cut off any long hair then the actual size. After this, take scissors and start removing any facial hair which is long, curled or seems improper to you.

For keeping your hair strong and smooth you need to use The Gentlemen’,s Beard Oil. This makes your hair strong, smooth and prevents it from irritating you.

Full Goatee

Full goatee is a french beard style all over your chin in almost round shape with mustache and the rest is shaved.

It is one of the popular short beard styles for men which has been followed for years and yet again has made it to this list alongside various beard styles.

It gives an elegant and attractive look to almost everyone.

The process for achieving full goatee is very easy and has been made more easy by the “, Goatee Saver “,. Goatee Saver allows you to adjust the breadth of your goatee, hide it and then trim the rest of your facial hair.

You need to grow your beard for a while, depending on what length of goatee you want. After this, trim your beard using any length setting of your choice just to make sure that all the goatee hair is in level.

After this, use Goatee Saver or either trim your beard on both sides starting from exactly below the area where mustache ends.

Also remember to outline the area under your lower lip inside the goatee, which is called the soul patch. You can see in the picture, inside the goatee below the lower lip there are two almost semi circle shapes. You need to outline these.

Most people choose to outline the soul patch, you can also leave it the way it is. It will look good too.

Long Stubble Beard

Long stubble is a short but thick beard and also taken care at the neck, cheek line and mustache. It is one great stylish beard for boys.

This one among the latest beard styles is the long stubble style. It is rather easy to achieve and gives you a more filled face with a manly look.

Long stubble is always 10 mm and above, mostly 12 mm.

Growing such beard is very easy, just that you have to maintain it.

Start growing your beard for about a 1.5 to 2 months, depends on how fast your hair grow.

After achieving a minimum of 12 mm length, trim your beard using ER-GB60-K trimmer. This trimmer has a wide blade and over 39 length settings, so makes the trimming for long stubble easy.

Do not go below 10 mm length setting because then it won’,t be considered in long stubble. The upper limit can 13 –, 15 mm.

Also trim your neck hair using a length setting lower than what you use for the entire beard and don’,t forget to remove extra hair above the cheek line using a shaver or maybe scissors in some cases.

You will also need to use beard oil for your beard to be smooth, strong and not cause beard itch. The Gentlemen’,s Beard Oil is the most recommended oil for it.

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Teenage Beard Style

Teenage beard style is a mix of different length at different intervals.

This style comes under the short beard category and is an amazing one. It can be counted as one of the latest beard styles for teenagers because it does not require thick facial hair which most teenagers don’,t have.

You can clearly see, it has different lengths at different intervals and the intervals are not same. Neither the intervals nor the length is same.

Achieving this beard style is slightly difficult. Because nothing is constant and it will always vary from person to person.

Beard styles for thin hair

There is a general process for this beard style which will be elaborated but you will have to add up something from your side as well because you know your beard quite well than anyone else.

So, initially you need to grow your beard for about 2 –, 3 weeks. After this, you have to trim all your beard exactly in same length setting so that all of your facial hair is in a level.

Once all your facial hair is in level, now you need to adjust your goatee from the sides using a little lower length setting than what you used for the entire beard.

Now, when you reach to the end of your jaw bone (the area below earlobe), set your trimmer to a more lower length setting and trim all the way up to sideburns. Make your sideburns a little thin using a trimmer as you can see above.

After you are done with the upper part, now its the part below the jaw bone (neck).

For this you can use the length setting of when you adjusted the goatee or the length setting when you trimmed from jaw bone end upwards to sideburns or even you can use a third length setting lower than these two and trim the beard on neck and below.

Since, you need to switch between different lengths time to time and also you have to be precise for which you need a trimmer with short blades, not wide at all. So Conair for Men I-Stubble is the most recommended trimmer for this style.

Smart Goatee

Smart Goatee is a well shaped goatee and perfectly outlined round the chin and internally as well.

It is different from full goatee in the length and outlines as well. You can use Goatee Saver for this as well.

Shaping a smart goatee may get a little difficult at times.

First off you trim all you beard near to the face (no too long) then remove all the hair from cheeks and sides using a Goatee Saver or by trimming downwards on both side where your mustache ends.

Now you have to perfectly outline the goatee and the mustache. Keep your mustache thin with this type of goatee as you can see in the picture.

After this, you have to trim inside the goatee at the soul patch. The space between your lower lip and chin where the beard starts should be extended, where as in full goatee this space is kept short or sometimes there is no space.

Chin Strap Beard

Chin strap beard is elongated from right end of jaw bone to the left end of jaw bone.

This is a short beard style and also is one of the latest beard styles. This style looks more good with no mustache and a clear face. It is one of the beard styles for men with short hair.

You need to start trimming your beard starting from chin towards the end of jaw bone below earlobe. You also need to be careful so that the strap is not too wide i-e more above the jaw bone and also not too thin i-e more below the jaw bone.

After this, trim all the remaining hair besides the strap. You also need to trim your sideburns with a little lower length setting than the length setting used for the chin strap.

You will be needing a shaver as well after you are done with the strap because the remaining facial hair on cheeks and neck needs to be removed cleanly.

The most suitable trimmer for this style is Norelco StyleShaver because it has got both shaver on one end and trimmer on the other end.


So here we are with 10 latest beard styles 2017, you can choose any of these depending on what suits you the most. Beards have always been an important element in men beauty and will remain forever, so you need to be careful while choosing a beard style for you. Stay Tuned for more about beard styles

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