Cool beard and moustache styles. Cool New Beard Styles Men s Hairstyle Trends Hairstyle Trends 2016

Beards are low maintenance (and low cost) compared to shaving but it does take more than just growing facial hair long. Check out these pictures of cool new beard styles for three ways to cut, style, and groom your beard. Latest beard and moustache styles.

There is more to the beard than just the beard. In addition to grooming the beard into various forms, the mustache can also take on distinct shapes. This hipster style uses moustache wax to create a Dali-inspired look.

Here’s how to apply moustache wax. It is harder than hair products so use a nail to scrape off some wax. Heat up the wax by rubbing between fingers before working into whiskers. Apply the product only where you’ll be styling. For a handlebar style, twist the ends. You can also use a hair dryer to ensure the wax is evenly distributed. Try a high heat, low air setting. Depending on the product, you may need to use a wax remover to remove build up.

Latest beard mustache styles

For a cohesive look, it pays to coordinate hair and the beard. This doesn’t mean that your hairstyle needs to flow directly into facial hair though. In fact, an undercut or fade will make a beard seem bushier in comparison. This dapper beard and hairstyle combination features medium length hair slicked back on top, a razor fade all around, and a full beard.\

If you really want a beard but don’t want to wait to grow one, get creative. It’s all about hair designs in 2015, from the simple shaved part to complex art work.

Latest beard mustache styles

For cool new beard styles 2015, think about adding a cool finishing touch in the moustache or hairstyle. Your barber or stylist can help cut and style both so just ask if you’re not sure what you want.

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