Latest beard styles in india. 5 Stylish Beard Trends For Men 2016,

Beards! Some men just can’t get enough of them. Every now and then we see has a unique facial hair style that they call it as a beard. For some it is a normal look, for some it is a matter of pride and for some, traditions. The celebrities have made it a point to add some exclusive style to the list every year and the fan following just can’t get enough. Therefore, let us consider some beard styles that a man can attempt in order to make himself look more stylish or manly, after all, a real man has a beard. Latest beard styles.

Here Are The 5 Stylish Beard Trends For Men:

1. Bandholz

The most badass look of all times. Propagated by the founder of Bearbrand, Eric Bandholz does have a creative mind. This beard has to be well maintained as the growth of the facial hair is not controlled on and underneath the chin area while the cheeks remain trimmed. Growing moustaches is a task in this kind of beard, but once you master it with the help of beard oil and wax, this offers you a mature look, probably like that of a rider. Initially you will have problems as this looks shabby and patchy, but patience is the key.

2. Balbo

Yes we are talking about the one from the Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has left no page unturned while being awesome and cool, both with his looks and attitude. This beard needs cautious sculpting by the stylist, and a good uncut beard and moustache area for about 4 weeks. Furthermore, keeping the sides shaved and only leaving the beard part uncut produces best results.

Stylish beard styles

3. Imperial

Probably the first of its kind, imperial beard style was looked as a royal way to describe you. The kings in the past considered this as a tradition, to keep an imperial beard from a very young age itself. Ever come across Shikhar Dhawan or Ravinder Jadeja, the two Indian cricketers who have their family roots arising from the family of kings, well if you have, you exactly know what is being talked here. This beard requires whiskers that are long enough to be rounded. Shaping of the whiskers is the toughest job as it could take up to 4 months to get the desired length. Therefore, the use of moustache wax or beard girl is a must in this situation.

4. Van Dyke

In the 17th century, a famous Flemish painter known as Anthony Van Dyke made a different beard cut that can be still used, and it looks pretty cool as well. A very carefully shot beard, this is a mixture of beard and goatee. Let the beard grow for some time, then all you have to do is clean the neck are and the cheeks, leaving only the moustaches and the chin area, a delicate and precise procedure, one step wrong and you could end up shaving the whole face off.

Latest hair and beard styles

5. Clean Shave

So there is a population of men who wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of growing a beard as it might look untidy or shabby on their face. A clean shave can suit all face types, considering the fact that most of the professional persons prefer this look. Harvey Specter from the TV series suits doesn’t seem to disappoint any woman around him with his clean shaven look.

Try the above mentioned beard styles and and stand out differently this season!

Latest beard and moustache styles

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