Thin chin strap beard styles. Facial Hair: Full Style Guide. Part 1- Beards., Natalie Simone

Facial hair has become a massive fashion staple for the modern man. Not only has it become a regular on catwalks and redcarpets, it also takes over a whole month to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health ( Movember )-the modern moustache is practically a life saver! Thin chin strap beard styles.

But when it comes to styles…,do you know your Chin Beard from your Van Dyke?!

This week I am bringing you a three part break down of facial hair styles so you can be more in the know about your Mo.

…,when you put it like that…,it’,s a wonder why you guys spend your time maintaining them.

However as a female, speaking for many females (every female I have had this conversation with) I can confirm that certain beards hold strange mystical properties that leave us weak at the knees.

According to Darwin and other biologists it’,s less to do with magic and more to do with suggested sexual maturity and dominance…,tomato tomahto!

Thin chin strap beard styles

So take a look and see which beard is going to show your manly face at it’,s best…,

Sported mainly by wizards and Santa a full beard is hair covering the all available areas of the lower face and neck (chin upper lip, lower lip, sideburns, cheeks and neck)

This one is becoming more prominent within the acting community, Mr Afleck here being a fine example. A short boxed beard is a full beard with thin, neatly trimmed sides

The less common chin strap beard is a beard with no moustache that circles the chin. Having scoured Google, I can tell you that this is not the easiest look to pull off! However, if you can make it work…,there may be a Nicole Scherzinger in your future…,

Similar to the chin strap, but the hair is visibly long enough to hang below the jaw. I feel it’,s best we leave this one to Lincoln.

Thin chin strap beard styles

The shenandoah is a combination of the chin curtain and neck beard…,and Freeway somehow manages to style it out!

Another one of the more common and wearable beards, modelled here by the always charming Kanye! The circle beard is a combanation of the chin patch, goatee and a moustache that all connect to form a circle shape.

This is the one that gets thrown about most of all…,if you don’,t know what it is call it a goatee and hope for the best, right?! A goatee is actually a small beard that covers the chin and a Petite Goatee is the same but grows beyond the chin.

A vertical line of hair in the centre of the chin…,somehow more awkward than a Soul Patch…,

A small patch of hair that sits directly below the bottom lip and automatically tends to make you look like a pervert or you missed a bit shaving!

Thin chin strap beard styles

In Part 2 we shall be exploring the wonderful world of the moustache in it’,s many forms, make sure you don’,t miss it.

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