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Black male celebrities have contributed to a number of stylish trends that we see being adopted by many of their loyal fans.

They are known to invest a lot in their overall appearance by always choosing appropriate outfits at events and also invest in the grooming of their hair and the right beard style . Black male full beard styles.

Since most black men have thick hair that can be grown to different lengths, they are able to style it as they desire regardless of the occasion. Most times, older men opt for shorter hairstyles that can be styled quickly and are easy to maintain, while the younger ones tend to opt for more dramatic haircuts as a way to express their personal style.

Even so, here are some celebrity hairstyles that stood out in 2015 and became a favorite of many black men, with many of them adopting them as their official haircut.


This hairstyle is ideal for men that want a low maintenance look that they can carry throughout the day regardless of the occasion. Male celebrities channeled out the hairstyle in different ways with the most common being the grown out buzz where the hair is allowed to grow a bit longer to reveal its texture but is still easy to style. Another version of this famous hairstyle is one where the hair is closely cut to the point where it needs no maintenance except for the regular oiling needed to keep the scalp and hair moisturized. Most times, celebrities that are much older but still need to look trendy have adopted this hairstyle and carry it well throughout the year.

Black mens beard styles pictures


The afro hairstyle has been associated with black men for many decades, but the latest version seen on celebrities is more stylish and updated. Some of them adopted the mini afro, whereby the hair is cut to the desired length which is usually not too short then styled to reveal hair texture and considerable hair length. Another version is the tapered fro, where hair at the sides as well as back is shaved off to reveal the scalp leaving the hair on top as the main focus of the haircut. To personalize the style, the hair can be styled into twists or patted down into a box shape. Finally, the short afro can also be styled into a mini Mohawk, which sits at the front part of the head bringing out an edgy style that needs minimal maintenance.


This style is a favorite of young black male celebrities because it allows them to look professional but still stylish. The wave effect that is seen on the hair after styling is the main reason for its popularity because it allows them to look different from the regular short hairstyles. This timeless hairstyle can be given a twist by including a fade haircut at the bottom of the head, both sides and back to give it a personalized yet stylish look. However, this hairstyle needs a bit of maintenance to ensure that the waves are always easy to see in the hair.


Overall, if you like these black men’,s hairstyles of 2015, then you would also love Black Men’,s Hairstyles of 2016 . Check them out and have them done by your barber depending on your face shape and personal style. It is advisable to go with a photo of the celebrity so that your barber can have an idea of the desired outcome and work to do a satisfactory job. Nevertheless, these hairstyles can only be an asset, if you use the right hair products as well as tools to maintain them and also get the hair trimmed as regularly as possible.

Black male full beard styles

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