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&ldquo,A Beard is a gift you give to your face&rdquo,

Movember is over and i hope you have enough inspiration to either grow a beard or maintain the one getting you the looks. Come on&hellip,own it&hellip,you definitely want it once in your lifetime! There will be no better time to take the plunge and tick the desire to own a &lsquo,beard look&rsquo, off your bucket list. For all you know the beard may become your best bud for the rest of your life! Latest beard and moustache styles.

So, if you are a man who believes in getting things right the first time here are few pointers to set you off to a solid beard foundation.

Things to keep in mind for beginners:

Growth: Varies. Depending on genetics. 99% men will start seeing positive signs in 1-2 weeks.

Styles: Choose wisely as per your facial hair growth and face cut.

Step by Step Healthy Beard Guide:

Initial Phase- Getting &lsquo,Beard&rsquo, ready!

Initially when you plan to go this highway, try and understand the growth pattern of your facial hair. For some, hair on the chin will be heavier/denser than that on the cheeks or in some areas the growth may be thinner. Shave till you experience evenness all across so that it results in an even, non-patchy, rich fashion statement for your face.

Once you start getting signs that the hair on the tip of your chin, upper lip, under the neck and sideburns are showing unison you know you are ready to grow your style quotient.

At first, you will need immense patience as it may get a little itchy(itchiness willsubside in a week) and you may not look all suave and sartorial from day 1. Be patient!

Realistically, it will take about a month to reach a sweet spot.

Latest beard mustache styles

Planning Phase- Begin with the end in mind!

Be focused from the very beginning on the ultimate look that you wish to carry. An earnest effort will result in quicker results!

If you are not sure which style of &lsquo, mo &rsquo, or beard will suit your face begin with simple to grow | easy to maintain styles. Below are few classic moustache and beard styles that you may want to experiment with.

More modern Beard styles check this image&hellip,

Growth Phase- Patience is the key!

The natural moisture of skin underneath the facial hair now being shared to provide nourishment to the growing beard demands little extra care so that the skin is well hydrated and less itchy.

To take care of this drink plenty of water, have the required dose of fruits/vitamins and if you plan to grow the beard too long invest in good beard wax as the ends will be starving for shine and moisture.

If you are being impatient a good idea will be to increase your testosterones (by following a regular exercising routine including cardio and intense training and eating healthy protein rich food including lean meats, eggs, beans, milk etc.). It will help you grow the beard faster by triggering your T-levels.

Maintaining good facial hygiene by washing your face with a mild moisturising face wash twice a day is a healthy practise to keep allergies at bay.

Cool beard and moustache styles

Incase your skin develops dead cells frequently you may use a mild exofoliating scrub before the face-wash.

How much to Grow: A full beard must not end at the chin. An ideal extension is an inch above the Adam&rsquo,s apple.

Maintenance phase: You are there!

Most men with beards confirm its much easier to maintain a beard than to shave everyday&hellip,also the beard gets them so many compliments that its worth putting all the effort it requires!

Hygiene: First and foremost maintain good hygiene, shampoo your beard as frequently as you shampoo your hair (mild hair product works fine for your beard too and 2-3 times a week is a good frequency). Once your beard is dry apply a light hand of beard oil ( for a smooth hand) and you are set with a lush, healthy beard.

Trimming the beard:What make-up is to a woman&rsquo,s face&hellip,a &lsquo,neat&rsquo, | &lsquo,in-shape&rsquo, beard is to yours&hellip, as it defines the contours of your face and highlights the cuts. Though it is the last step in the process but holds maximum score and will entitle you to extra incentive,-). During this phase a trim every 7 to 10 days to shape and set your baby in style will be ideal. Do it yourself or if you are not too confident visit your local stylist / barber whom you trust.

Unruly, untidy look is out so maintain tidiness

The hair should be trimmed lighter on the cheeks and left a little longer under the lip (goatee area).

Latest beard and moustache styles

Here is a video which will help you self trim your beard&hellip,

Now that you know where to begin and how to maintain take that inner barbarian out and go full-on beard-ful!

If you are already keeping up with the Movember tradition please do share your beard-ful looks with us as we will be soon be doing a feature on beard-ful men amongst you.

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