Beard trimming styles neck. The Esquire Guide to Manscaping

It looks average &ndash, at best. It makes things stink. It tugs, it chafes, it hides all the (hopefully) hard work you put in at the gym. Beard trimming styles neck.

Great news: you can sort it out.

Less great news: it&rsquo,s not a one-stop shop.

Consider body hair the Goldilocks of grooming conundrums: not too much, and definitely &ndash, categorically &ndash, not too little.

&ldquo,Girls don&rsquo,t want to see hair coming up your neck, attached to your hairline,&rdquo, says Carleigh Rayner, head therapist at Strip Waxing Boutiques. &ldquo,It doesn&rsquo,t need to be difficult.&rdquo,

&ldquo,Some of our clients have tried everything themselves at home: home wax strips, shaving at home&hellip,they just end up sticky, taking their own skin off, or really bruised.&rdquo,

Oof. Gents, being hirsute it needn&rsquo,t be so tricky. Allow us to present, your follicular cheat sheet.

The solution to the bulk of your deforestation is simple, cheap and painless: a proper good shear.

Since we&rsquo,re trimming &ndash, not shaving &ndash, you&rsquo,ll need some sort of hair clipper. And sure, those bulky, mains-powered all-in-one haircut kits will do just fine.

But, since we&rsquo,re getting delicates involved here (!), might we heartily recommend a purpose-built weapon?

Beard trimming styles neck

The Philips Bodygroom (£,33.46) is a winning all-rounder: waterproof (shower grooming!), wireless (fancy!) and, crucially, an extra-long handle to reach your back (stop hassling the missus!)

&ldquo,Even if you&rsquo,re planning on getting a specific body part waxed, be sure to give everything a good clipper,&rdquo, says Rayner. &ldquo,Remember the big picture. You can&rsquo,t have lines everywhere.&rdquo,

Doesn&rsquo,t matter if you&rsquo,ve got a moustache. Doesn&rsquo,t matter if you&rsquo,ve got a beard. Everyone can see the walrus-like growths poking out of your nostrils. Sort it.

Option one: for the non-committal, this Paul Anthony Trimmer is barely dearer than a fiver &ndash, and will have you neatened out in 60 seconds flat.

There needs to be two of &lsquo,em. Whether you pluck or wax is up to you.

&ldquo,I&rsquo,m not a fan of the overly manicured eyebrows on men,&rdquo, says Rayner. &ldquo,You don&rsquo,t want perfection.&rdquo,

Consider trimming for length, too: brush your eyebrows upwards, and snip all excess length above the arch. Better? Better.

All you&rsquo,re likely to need here is a good trim. You&rsquo,ll get less chafing and maybe-sort-of a little boost in aerodynamics. But remember, you&rsquo,re going for neat and trimmed &ndash, not Chris Froome on the Alpe d&rsquo,Huez.

Pit hair creeping under your tee is a sloppy look. A good clip down will help immensely here, particularly if your mid-gym pit-sweat is bordering on biohazard.

Beard trimming styles neck

&ldquo,If you&rsquo,re especially hairy, just trim,&rdquo, Rayner recommends. &ldquo,It looks funny to have hairy arms and legs, and a clean-waxed chest.&rdquo,

Getting the proper aesthetic balance is your call. If you&rsquo,ve been hitting the gym, then you&rsquo,ll certainly want to show off &ndash, just make sure your chest hair is in proportion with your belly, back and arms.

A back wax is invariably a must. &ldquo,And the neck, if needed,&rdquo, says Rayner. &ldquo,Aftercare is very important, too. You can&rsquo,t go and play football right after a wax.&rdquo,

Hey, we never promised this would be sacrifice-free. Speaking of which&hellip,

&ldquo,This area, believe it or not, is not the most painful,&rdquo, says Rayner. Strip&rsquo,s boutiques use a hot Australian wax that reduces pain by 70%. Rather considerate, we say.

&ldquo,Getting the undercarriage sorted feels nice and clean &ndash, and allows you to leave the front natural. Backside, testicles &ndash, get rid of all that.&rdquo,

Some of Rayner&rsquo,s clients do opt for the full, female-style Brazillian wax. We, gently, urge you to leave something behind.

A one-way visit to the salon.

Rayner&rsquo,s used to it. &ldquo,Quite common. If you&rsquo,re getting your back done, get your buttocks done too &ndash, you don&rsquo,t want hair shorts.&rdquo,

Beard trimming styles neck

This goes hand in hand with the dreaded, but not-that-bad-in-reality male Brazilian.

Rayner shrugs. &ldquo,Hey, in the movies, men never have hair there.&rdquo,

The Relatively-Painless Nuclear Option: Laser

If all of this seems rather tiresome and impermanent, consider zapping away forever those hairs you won&rsquo,t miss.

&ldquo,Back, neck, feet &ndash, even hands are quite popular,&rdquo, says Rayner. &ldquo,Men can&rsquo,t be bothered coming in for a wax: six to ten laser treatments, and you&rsquo,re done for good.&rdquo,

Brilliant. But do be sure to consider, before pulling the trigger &ndash, are you sure you won&rsquo,t miss your foot hair?

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