Cheeks styles beard thin. Beard Transplant, Sante Hair Restoration, Calgary

Hairstyles change with trends. With the rise in popularity of beards, mustaches, sideburns and goatees, it has become painfully obvious for nearly 50% of all men that they suffer from some form of facial hair loss. Beard styles thin cheeks.

If facial hair is patchy or missing, it is impossible to achieve the clean sharp lines that are desired in today’s styles. Thinning facial hair can even have an unkempt or messy appearance, which falls short of most people’s expectations for trendy beard styles. Unlike missing hair on the top of the head, missing hair in the facial area cannot be hidden.

Luckily for men seeking to stay in fashion, facial hair transplants can help alleviate their hair loss situation permanently. Donor hair taken from the safe zone In the back of your head will be permanent and it is very much the same as the hair that grows in your beard. Sante’s doctors pay careful attention to the direction and placement of your newly transplanted beard hairs in order to achieve a soft natural appearance so your beard transplant will remain undetectable. Once the hair has been transplanted, it grows just like your existing facial hair and must be shaved and trimmed periodically.

Cheeks beard thin styles

Besides staying in fashion, facial hair can be used to conceal scars and burns. It can also be used for females wishing to change gender identify.

The number of grafts that are needed in a facial hair transplant vary depending on the patient’s hair loss. Generally speaking the following numbers represent the average transplant.

Styles beard cheeks thin

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