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Ranveer Singh’,s face is a mini paradise for beards, stubbles, moustaches and all other types of facial hair. Whether it was his latest thin beard style in Befikre, the legendary moustache for Bajirao Mastani or his stylish thick beard in Goliyon Rasleela Ram Leela, the actor has pulled off every style with the same panache. Thin beard styles.

To top all of this beard swag, Ranveer’s unabashed charm and his innate sexiness have contributed to his inimitable confidence. He has been awarded most stylish star time and again. And it’,s completely safe to say, that he has become the fashion God for men in Bollywood and India. His trendsetting beards and moustache styles have been copied by fans again and again. Let’s have a look at his different bearded avatars which have gotten girls weak in their knees.

Ranveer Singh in his Padmavati look. This beard and moustache gives us goosebumps. Looks viciously sexy, right?

Ranveer Singh in his Bajirao Mastani look with the classic handlebar moustache and a well trimmed heavy beard

Ranveer Singh growing out his manly beard

Trimmed beard and a stylish hairstyle donned by Ranveer Singh at Dishoom’,s premiere

Didn’,t think spikey hair and a full long beard will look this good, before Ranveer Singh showed us

Beard styles thin cheeks

Ranveer aces his short hair and long beard avatar

Messy hairdo and a trimmed beard looks so good on Ranveer Singh

As you can see, Ranveer pulls off a light stubble well too. But he looks so young when he doesn’,t have his beard, don’,t you think?

No beard here, but Ranveer happily flaunts his moustache look

Who can forget Ranveer’,s stylish twirling moustache. This quirky look was for a photo shoot.

Ranveer proves that he can look cute with a super thin stubble too.

Thin chin strap beard styles

Spikey hair and a stubble donned by Ranveer Singh

Once again Ranveer Singh pulls off his bearded look

Can’,t think of any other Bollywood actor who pulls off a handlebar moustache this good and can’,t think of any guy with so much facial hair swag

Ranveer Singh personifying the phrase ‘,Beards look cool’,

Man! This guy just owns his facial hair style with panache. Every time. Can you believe this picture is from a red carpet appearance where he lets himself loose and plays up to the cameras –, always the entertainer

His flashy dressing sense also contributes to his innate style –, and his beard is a part of it. His long bushy beard style compliments his funky outfit.

Beard styles thin face

Classic example of a heavy but nicely trimmed beard with a moustache that is quite full-on without being too in-your-face. Ranveer Singh knows it best.


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