Thin face beard styles. Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape Unisex Hairstyle

First, you need to ask yourself a couple questions: Thin face beard styles.

What style of beard do you want?

What kind of face do you have?

What style of beard is most complimentary of your face shape?

What length are you shooting for?

These are questions most men don’t usually ask themselves when they first start growing a beard. They simply, stop shaving. Which is a great start…

But this is where your beard can drastically affect the way you look…in a good way…or bad if done improperly

Knowing what beard shape is best for you may save you months or years of trial and error….

And I can speak from experience…

Thin face beard styles

I have slightly chubby cheeks… before I really knew any better I allowed my cheeks to be as long as my emphasizing my chubby cheeks…

My face looks super round…and this was when it was shorter…it only got worse as it grew out…

Fast forward a few years… after both trial and error and educating myself…

A MUCH more improved version of my beard.

It is important to remember that every beard is different. From density of hair, texture, growth direction, speed of growth, etc.

And everybody’s face is different…

Some of us have chubby cheeks where others have thin…some have long faces where other have round faces.


I have outlined some rules to help ensure you that not only are you growing a great beard, but that you’re growing a great beard that is best for YOU specifically

Beard styles for thin face

Follow these rules for each of the following face types:

Face Type: ROUND

When shaping a beard on a round face, add length to the chin to stretch the appearance of the face to appear less round. Avoid thickness of sideburns and keep the sides of the beard trimmed shorter.

Face Type: SQUARE

Similar to the round, if you have a square or box shaped face you should opt for a beard style that make your face appear to be more slender and longer. The most practical for elongating the face is to keep the sides tighter and allow for length to be at the chin or an all over shorter trimmed beard.


If your face is already long and narrow, you’ll want to do the exact opposite from the round. Your beard style should be fuller on the sides to fill our your face.

Face Type: LARGE

If you have a larger face, you’ll want your beard to match. Any small amount of facial hair will only make your face appear larger and out of proportion. This gives you the right to grow it BIG!

Face Type: SMALL

If you have a small face, you’ll want to consider a slightly smaller beard. You don’t want to completely lose your face in your beard so keep the proportions appropriate.

Face Type: OVAL

You lucky SOB! The oval face is considered to be the ideal shape for nearly any beard style and requires minimal shaping to balance your facial features. Consider it your duty to grow a beard.

After you pick your beard style that you want to go with comes the tricky part…

Beard styles for thin face


Whether that means trimming (fading) your cheeks down shorter and keeping the chin longer as I do to elongate my round face…or whatever is best suitable for your face shape…

I’m going to teach you how to trim your beard like a master barber

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We are here anytime to help you personally, so feel free to reach out to us with questions you may have with picking a style for your face.

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