Black male full beard styles. Facial reconstruction of 1989 John Doe released

MARION - The facial reconstruction of a man whose skeletal remains were found more than 27 years ago were released Wednesday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey announced. Black man beard styles.

The clay model was created by a forensic artist with the Attorney General's Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) in an effort to help Marion County authorities identify the man.

The body was found in Flat Rock Run Creek, east of Caledonia behind a home on Harding Highway East on July 19, 1989. He is believed to have been a Caucasian man between 22 and 35 years old, between 5 feet, 9 inches and 5 feet, 10 inches tall and approximately 140 pounds.

He is believed to have been murdered.

Bailey said previously that it was raining the day the body was discovered. "Some kids had went out to Flat Run Creek and saw a shoe. We came out and floating, caught up in the brush along the bank, was a body,” the sheriff said in a February 2012 Marion Star report.

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Detectives ran down clothing labels, shoes and dental records as potential identifiers. The sheriff's office sent out scuba divers to search for anything, like a wallet, that might identify the man. They came up empty.

“This man was someone's family, he was someone's friend, and he is someone who deserves to be identified after all these years," DeWine said in a statement. "We hope this new model will look familiar so that we can finally identify him and hopefully even find his killer."

"I'd like to thank Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Criminal Intelligence Unit for all of their help on this reconstruction," according to Bailey. "We are hoping to be able to identify him after all these years so we can notify the family who may still be looking for him and give them closure."

The victim had dark brown or black hair and a slight beard, although the style of the beard and the hair style are the forensic artist's estimations to complete the reconstruction and should not be considered as significant markers for identification.

Black man full beard styles

The victim was found wearing a pair of Dakota jeans, boxer shorts, dark red ribbed socks, a short sleeved black-and-red striped shirt, a multicolored knitted sweater with diamond and zigzag designs, a flannel shirt and a pair of black Adidas Continental tennis shoes, size 9 and a half.

Additional information and photographs can be found in this BCI Criminal Intelligence Unit public bulletin which was issued to all law enforcement agencies in the state today.

It is not known if the man resided in Marion County or in another part of the state or country, so anyone who sees a resemblance to a missing friend or relative is urged to contact Marion County Sheriff's Office Lt. Christy Utley at 740-382-8244 ext. 5120.

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