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It’s all about the good look, isn’t it? Most of the men face the beard neckline trimming problem and ruin their beard. Oh it’s the same with me. Even I used to do it wrong, but I finally managed to do it correctly. Beard styles how to trim.

Beard Neckline gives your beard a good look and believe me, there is no better feeling for a man with beard than a perfect beard line.

Some people do it to high up on the jaws and some make it a rough village road leaving behind the ditches because they don’t know where to trim beard on neck.

Before moving towards the ways of designing a neckline, I would like to tell you about what happens when you trim your beard neckline the right way and the wrong way.

The Wrong Way

Beard neckline too high make you look having a smaller face or you can say a feminine touch.

After a week of trimming your beard line the wrong way, when it grows up, you face will look like having two beards

The most bad of them all, it looks fake, have a look yourself.

The Right Way of Beard Neckline

If you have a lower neckline and you are balding or bald, this will keep the eyes of the one in front of you on your beard and not the neck. In fact, men with bald heads look cooler with beard then shaved.

Beard styles and how to trim them

It makes your smaller face a more defined one.

It brings balance to your face.

Now coming back to our main topic, where to trim beard on neck or one may ask what is the proper way of trimming neckline?

It’s pretty simple, getting a perfect beard neckline has a lot of methods but I won’t make things complicated and tell you 2 easy ways of trimming beard neckline.

The Imaginary Angel Method

This method of how to trim beard neckline has got three simple steps and can get you a perfect beard neckline.


Imagine a line traveling under the jawline, starting from under the earlobe and stopping under the chin (the jaw part below your chin). This line will be just above Adams Apple. In the picture given below, the green line indicates step one.


Imagine another line starting on the outer edge of your sideburns and crossing the first imaginary line perpendicularly at the neckline. The blue line in the picture indicates the imaginary line of step two.

Beard styles using trimmer


Clean out everything out of those lines and Congratulations you are done and now you know where to trim beard on neck and you have a perfect beard line in the neck.

Two Fingers Method

This method is a bit vague, however it works perfect for some men out there.

In this method of beard neckline trimming you find out your perfect neckline using your fingers and Adams Apple. It goes as:

Place your middle and index finger exactly above your Adams Apple and trim beard neckline exactly above it. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s a bit of a vague method.

For this, you need to try it at least once, because for some people it works awesomely perfect and for some it’s one or sometimes three fingers.

SUP!! I guess by now you are ready to perfectly trim your neckline. If you are still facing a problem with this. You don’,t have to worry at all. We have a great tool to solve your problem.

Beard Neckline Styles

There are lots of beard neckline styles and one can go for various styles but it depends on your beard type and face shape.

Beard styles trimmer

Full Beard Neckline

This neckline style is for full and long beards or sometimes long stubble. It is exactly above the Adams apple which is our second method of neckline trimming. Such style you don’,t have to shave the hair of your neckline cleanly with a razor but you can use any trimmer with some length setting.

Covered Beard Neckline Style

One of the beard neckline styles is like this, it covers more of your neck then usual styles. It is below Adam’,s apple most of the times, some men like this style.

Smart Neckline

This type of neckline is always trimmed at the jawline or a little below it. It looks more better with short beards, this beard neckline style can be achieved with short, medium or long stubble.


These were all the details about beard neckline, its trimming and styles. Stay tuned for more about beard

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