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Beards? Definitely not a news-flash. Commitment to the trend and keeping that bush maintained properly? Definitely a deal-breaker. Who knew… Thin line beard styles.

But the truth is – you’ll never not notice a guy with a beard and that’s an awesome plus as far as we are concerned.

Speaking of their style and overall effort to look as good as they do, it’s inevitable to mention the now famous lumbersexual trend, the hipster inclination and the metrosexual awareness. It’s a thin line among the three, though. Still – the results are amazing.

Here’s what every bearded, trend-conscious and hipster-inspired fella cares for when it comes to his fashion choices:

Long gone are the times when men actually cared about their polo shirts and ironed jeans, everything that matters today is that checkered shirt, a ripped jean and a leather jacket. Obviously, the whole style can’t really be reduced to these three simple things, no no! When you are playing the field of a modern man, you have to embrace every possible sub-cultural influence and combine it with your existing pieces of clothes. If you feel like rocking a custom shirt and an oversized denim jacket while looking dressed hipsterish –, effortlessly, you go for it, man! You’ll look like several Gods of hipster subcultures have fallen on you, but that’s okay – it’s still better than anything plain.

Thin line beard styles

If this isn’t the era of male accessorize, we be damned. You’ve surely noticed that men are now paying more attention to ways they’ll style up their outfits and it’s looking pretty interesting we must say. From hats, to hair bands, pipes and rings – everything’s got a place. Let’s not forget about tattoos and body and face piercings – they’re certainly appearing to be crucial in this new wave fashion craze. The glasses with thick black frames, too. They seem to have never gone away.

Our favorite stuff about the trend, though? Leather comeback! Men have finally accepted that all kinds of leather goods – like bags, wallets, belts, leather bracelets, backpacks and shoes will give them the manly vibe they are craving for!

Well, if your beard needs a longer comb than your hair does, you are definitely doing it right. Us, personally, aren’t really huge fans of William Fitzsimmons beard-length-extravaganza but if that’s your thing, don’t be shy to flaunt it.

Whichever the length of your hairy facial pride is, you need to have the right products to keep it thick, bushy and shiny (advice we never thought we’d be giving, but okay), owing to some amazing experts in the field who’d foreseen the beard trend, there are now plenty of cosmetics to aid in the matter – for instance, Buccaneer Beard oil has received the highest grading handed out so far on The Best Beard Oil Project, which is why this particular product is the first choice of many hipster-lumber enthusiasts. You’d be surprised what all you’ll find with these guys, so don’t be reluctant to browse!

Thin line beard styles

The hair plays a significant role, too – from messy to undercuts and male-buns, they are all making a good run for their money. Depending on your personal style, you may easily choose among these, or even switch it up from time to time. It’s all cool.

(Article by Peter Minkoff)

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