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A bald head and a bushy but neat beard are a match made in heaven. When you've lost all your hair either through shaving or as a result of age - there aren't many options left for you other than opting for a long, neat and well-trimmed beard. Beard trim styles.

A bald head and a hairless face combination often comes across as bland while on the other hand a beard, of whichever style, will give your face some personality. Below is a rundown of the different styles you can use to rock your beard:

Thanks to its clean lines and pointed tips, a goatee will most certainly introduce some sharpness to your face. The style is increasingly becoming vogue especially after some of the worlds finest stars rocked it in diverse times. Both John Travolta and Bryan Cranston, among some celebrities, have worn this look in their roles to portray hard and strong men in a difficult and treacherous world.

Luckily for folks who are enamoured with this style, there is a variety of goatee styles you can choose from. The ideal goatee for you will depend on your face shape. Men who have weak chins are better off doing a thick beard to give off the impression of a robust jaw line.

It is noteworthy that a pointed goatee can help to give the impression of an elongated jaw line. What is more? The soul patch in a goatee can also help to accentuate your jaw line and chin.

A bald head complemented with stubble is just as powerful and appealing as the bald and beard styles mentioned above. It is worth pointing out that some stubble and a bald head gives you a cool and seductive look that can impress and enchant many women.

You can, with a lot of confidence and a good measure of suave, rock this look if you don't mind procuring a decent stubble trimmer to help you whenever you have to trim your beard.

The bald and fully bearded style has to be the most intense look so far. As you can already imagine, it offers a very sharp and strong contrast between the long beard and the bald beard- a fact that permits them to complement each other. The fullness of the beard helps to make the fine ridges of the skull to kind of stick out.

Luckily for those who won't shy from rocking this look, there are plenty of options and different variations of the bald head and full beard combo. And since the bald head looks clean cut, it is advisable to maintain a clean and neat look by trimming and maintaining the long beard regularly.

Therefore, if you choose to sport this style, then you should consider buying beard oil and a beard comb. The beard oil will prevent the beard from becoming unruly while the beard comb will come in handy when you need to comb your beard. Combing the beard regularly will help to make it look neat and sharp always.

It is important to note that tending full beard needs patience and, therefore, you’ll have to forget about the hair for a good six months. Once your facial hair reaches the full beard length, then you can trim it and give it shape.

Perhaps the easiest bald and beard combination style you can pull is the bald and moustache one. It is recommended for people who are resistant to long beards that require high maintenance. You may grow a moustache or match it with a soul patch to make it look attractive.

The first and perhaps most important thing you’ll need to do is to lengthen the hair on your upper lip. You should then proceed to shave off the hair on the rest of the face as you usually do. After the appropriate length is achieved, trim the moustache using a pair of scissors to get the desired look.

It might be difficult to select the perfect bald and beard combination, but, thankfully, after surveying the pictures of bald and bearded men, you can make the right decision by choosing the bald and beard combination that will suit your face. Therefore, don't get a panic attack when you start having a receding hairline- you can still maintain an impeccable style if you grow and maintain a suitable beard.

Have you ever seen those images of Game of Thrones male cast without facial hair? Then you must know what we mean when we say they look quite dorky without their famous beards. Since winter is coming, for years now in Westeros, those bad-ass men must have prepared their facial hair to look equally staggering (or even better) as in the first warm season. Although winter isn’t nearly as harsh in our world as it is in the Seven Kingdoms, the low humidity, cold air and merciless wind can still have a negative effect on your beard. Here are some tips that will help you alleviate those effects and sit on the beard throne throughout the winter.

Remember when Littlefinger said this famous sentence to Cersei Lannister? Ok, her answer was quite on point, but not when it comes to beards. Knowing your specific skin and hair type will help you decide how often you should wash your beard and which products suit you best. Oily skin/hair will require more frequent wash (every day or two) while dry type should be washed about twice a week. However, all this depends on the elements to which your facial hair was exposed.

Before you start washing your beard, you must find a suitable product. Beware of the shampoo that strips the beard of its natural oils and leaves it dry and damaged. Facial soaps are also not a very good choice since they tend to leave sticky residues behind. Beard wash and shampoo bar are your best options as they clean the beard gently and reach the skin underneath, thus leaving both the skin and hair soft and hydrated.

Just as you would condition your hair after rinsing off the shampoo, you should also apply a cleansing conditioner on your beard. This is a winter must-have because it soothes the skin below the beard, thus making the beard look healthy and shiny. The product should be rubbed mostly into the roots, and left without washing for a couple of minutes to half an hour.

As we’ve already mentioned, facial skin and body skin can really dry up during this winter period. Counteract the negative effects of this cold weather with beard butter. It is a product that locks in the moisture inside your skin and provides a perfect shield from harmful winter sun.

How to trim beard styles

Another nourishing product that has many benefits, including keeping the moisture inside your skin and hair. Good beard oil will not only make your facial hair look good, it will also make it smell great. Also, it can prevent some of the common problem of bearded men – dandruff, dry and flaky skin. Apply the oil like a leave-in conditioner and your facial hair will be nourished, easy-to- shape and hydrated.

The best and most expensive plant won’t grow on a poor arid land. Make sure your face is the perfect groundwork for fabulous beard by undergoing cleansing and nourishing facial treatments, such as chemical peels, exfoliation, facial rejuvenation, LED light therapy, and anti-aging laser treatments. All of these will make your skin look younger, reduce your pores, and address specific problems, such as acne breakouts and cracked skin. As a result, your beard will grow faster, stronger and healthier giving you the look better than bearded John Snow, Rob Stark and Jamie Lannister combined.

Winter is here. And only those prepared to deal with all the hardships it carries will have a hydrated and nourished beard that will make all the boys green of envy and all the girls’ weak at the knees. Follow these tips and you’ll be one of them.

Peter is a men's grooming and lifestyle writer at The Beard Mag and High Street Gent magazine from the UK. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around the UK &, Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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In the U.K., a bearded man is poised to take control of the Labour Party, becoming the first bearded leader of a major British party since the First World War. And, given current polls, Canada may soon be sending a bearded prime minister to the clean-shaven ranks of the Group of Seven.

After nearly a century-long hiatus, it seems beards are returning to the faces of Western politicians.

“If Mulcair wins, it would indeed be a remarkable moment in the history of facial hair,” said Christopher Oldstone-Moore, a facial hair historian at Ohio’s Wright State University, in an email to the National Post.

Beards were practically ubiquitous at the dawn of Canadian governance. Nineteen of the 25 delegates photographed at the Charlottetown Conference sported some kind of facial hair. Of the four male monarchs who have been Canada’s head of state, two were bearded.

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