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Growing a beard is no minor decision. It takes a stern will and a disciplined mind. As I explained in my piece on why men evolved beards, beards convey dignity and higher social status to men–if done right. There are a many ways to grow one wrong. Of course, the worst decision is to not grow one at all. Kudos to you for growing a beard! You’ve made the manly choice. Thin beard styles.

When growing a beard, think about the following if you want to achieve bearded glory:

This almost goes without saying, but the most important thing you can do is to not shave. Many people say to me, “Brandon, my dad tells me that if I shave my beard, it will grow in thicker. Is this true?”

NO. This is, in fact, a myth. Shaving a beard does not grow it in thicker. It only looks that way because you’re shaving off the naturally tapered ends of your beard hairs, leaving thicker, blunt stubs, which look darker (because they are thicker). Just put the razor down, and grow it out.

I cover this in great detail in my piece “How to Power Through Beard Itch“. The number one cause for men to shave their beards early is the itch. When a beard starts growing, the sharp edges of your shorn beard hairs scrape against your follicles as they grow back out, causing irritation. This is only temporary. As your beard gets longer, the itch goes away. Give your beard a month or so to grow, and your beard itch will be gone.

Once your beard has gotten pretty long, you’ll need to condition it. Most beards are coarse and wiry, because beard hair is thicker than head hair. Read my article on How to Condition a Beard for more information, but in general, I recommend using Honest Amish Beard Balm daily to keep your beard soft.

Thin face beard styles

Once it gets so long that it starts getting in the way, use a beard wax to keep your stray beard hairs in-line.

The final step is to play the waiting game. Men these days have short attention spans. One month they think a beard sounds cool. The next month, they get tired of waiting for it to become the masterful man mane it is meant to be.

Be patient. Beards convey dignity because it takes time and patience to grow them. If they grew fast, then every man would have one. Trust me–shaving or trimming too early is a great way to harm the natural shape of your beard, and to never see what shape your beard can become. Wait it out!

Finally, after three or more months of growing a beard, your beard is long enough to pick a style. Head on over to my 54 facial hair styles guide and pick a style that naturally suits the way your beard grows.

Resist the temptation to trim it too early. Many men try to jump the gun by shaving the “neck beard”, or shaving the cheeks, or trimming off the long wiry strands.

Thin hair beard styles

Within your follicles lies hidden a unique, one-of-a-kind beard that you will never see if you start trimming too early. When growing a beard, let it get nice and full before choosing a style.

Glory goes to the persistent. What if Alexander the Great stopped his conquests after the Battle of the Granicus River? Why, he would have never founded Alexandria, and we wouldn’t be talking about him today. What if Gandalf stopped growing a beard when he was a young wizardling? Why, Sauron would have conquered Middle Earth, and the Hobbits would be speaking the black tongue today.

will take the mile it so surely deserves.

I get many messages from young men who want thick beards, but can’t grow them yet. Listen, nothing looks worse on a man than a thin or patchy beard. You don’t want to sport the “I’m a sophmore in highschool” look when growing a beard. Instead, shave your face as a young man until your beard starts to grow in fully. Usually this happens in your early to mid 20s.

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