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Majority of men are under the impression that they can sport a versatile haircut and rock it all the time. But, no matter how well dressed you are, if your hair is out of place and doesn&rsquo,t suit your face, your efforts will be in vain and you are not doing justice to your appearance and attire. Certain looks will suit for some than others and vice versa. In order to find out the perfect haircut to suit your face, you MUST know the &ldquo,Shape&rdquo, of your face. After all your hair can make or break your entire outfit and persona. Facial hair styles for a round face.

Before going into detail about the hairstyle that might suit you the best you must find out the shape of your face. There are 5 basic shapes to consider. Let&rsquo,s get into detail about them next.

1) Round Face

Round faces are equal in length and width. The jawline offers no significant sharp corners or defining edges. This face appears shorter and stockier. In order to give it the illusion of a longer face, you should consider hairstyles that are short on the sides with volume and height to compensate for the short face. The most apt hairstyles for this face are:

Undercuts and high fades coupled with pompadours

Long textured comb overs or slick backs

Beards are not an essential for men with round faces but, a full square beard can give the jaw a more chiseled appearance.

Cool facial hair styles for round faces

2) Square Face

Round faces are angular, sharp and very masculine. This is similar to the round face when it comes to dimensions as the length and the width are considerably similar. The main difference here is the angle of the jaw being sharper. Due to its versatility the ideal haircuts for this shape are derived from haircuts for short men. Which are:

Quiffs, Pomps and messy crops

Traditional slick backs

Slight stubble may be grown to sharpen the chin and the jawline and to give it a prominent look.

3) Rectangular / Oblong Face

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide. In order to avoid your face looking even longer, men sporting rectangular faces should go for short haircuts on top, like the Crew cut or the Buzz cut. But, if you want more volume on the crown you can try these:

Beard styles for a round face

Beards are not encouraged for men with oblong faces as it will make your face look longer than it is already.

4) Triangle Face

Triangular faces emphasize angular features. The most notable feature in Triangular faces is the jawline being wider than the cheekbones. To even out the smaller forehead and create perfect symmetry, short fades on the sides should be avoided and the ideal haircuts for men with this face type are:

Medium length textured haircuts.

As the jawline is prominent here, a clean shave will suit best for Triangular faces.

5) Diamond Face

A diamond face can be identified by strong and wide cheekbones and a defined, angular chin. Diamond faces are typically long and narrow, which is why barbers recommend layered high volume hairstyles such as:

Facial hair styles for a round face

Facial hair is encouraged for men with a diamond shaped face to soften the chin and jaw.

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