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Blacktown boys will be doing it Hoggy Style at Meatstock this weekend. Muslim beard styles pictures.

Slicing, smoking and maybe some shigging will be happening this weekend as the world of competitive barbecuing comes to Sydney.

Russell Merriman and his team, cheekily named Hoggy Style BBQ, have spent thousands of dollars preparing for their first foray into the fast-growing competition.

The meat for a brisket alone can set the trio back $120, and that’s just one part of an overall presentation they’ve practised six times in recent weeks.

The Blacktown team is gearing up for Meatstock, Australia’s biggest barbecue festival. More than 40 teams from around the country will descend on Sydney this weekend for the chance to show off their choice cuts and closely-guarded recipes.

For some the sport is so serious that ‘shigging’, or stealing someone else’s recipe, is a genuine threat.

Muslim beard styles pictures

From 6am on Saturday they’ll be preparing beef, pork, lamb and chicken to be judged on taste, texture and presentation.

Mr Merriman and his “partners in crime” took the opportunity to judge the Big BBQ Battle in Parramatta before entering the Sydney competition.

“We learned what judges are looking for, we went on the judging course to really understand what is required. So we’re hoping to go in there fairly prepared,” he said.

“I’m hoping to be able to compete with the big names. The other two will be happy not to come last.”

The big names include The Shank Brothers, who won the first season of reality show Aussie BBQ Heroes. Other teams have their own lines of sauces and rubs, as well as major sponsors.

Muslim beard styles pictures

To boost their chances against seasoned opponents, Mr Merriman did a ribs course with American chef Tuffy Stone.

Hoggy Style have even enlisted their own local sponsors – they use a smoker designed by Angry Beard Smokers in Kings Park, and charcoal from Arndell Park company Firebrand. The wood and charcoal is part of their secret, using ironbark and cherry wood to imbue the meat with distinct flavours.

All the work is a far cry from their day jobs in the IT world, but cooking has always been a passion for Mr Merriman.

“I love eating the food, because who doesn’t love eating, but I also get great satisfaction out of other people enjoying my food,” he said.

“I’ve been trialling-and-erroring rib sauce for the better part of eight months trying to get it right.

Muslim beard styles pictures

“We did a practice a couple of weeks ago and I brought home some ribs for my partner to try, and she said they were the best ribs she’s ever had. And she’s had ribs in almost every country that she’s ever visited. She’s a pretty harsh critic, so I’m chuffed with that.”

Meatstock is taking place at Sydney Showground from May 6-7. Tickets:

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