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Peace and Blessings of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammed (s.a.s), his blessed family and noble companions. Muslim beard styles.

Nabi (S.A.W)&apos,s blessed beard was thick.

S.2. Our Nabi (S.A.W) used to comb his beard to keep it neat. (S.K.-Vol. 1: Pg. 511-512)

S.3. Our Nabi (S.A.W) used to comb his beard after wetting it. (By means of this practise lesser hair breaks off.) (S.K.-Vol. 1: Pg. 513)

S.4. Hazrat Aa’,isha (R.A) narrates that our Nabi (S.A.W) used to use a mirror when neatening his beard. (S.K.-Vol. l:Pg.511-512)

S.5. It is also Sunnah to allow the hair immediately below the lower lip to grow. To trim or shave of this ‘,little beard’, is an innovation. (Muslim - S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 515)

S.6. To apply ‘,Itar (perfume that does not contain Haraam ingredients) to the hair or beard. (S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 514)

S.7. When applying oil to the beard our Nabi (S.A.W) used to begin with the ‘,little beard’, i.e. the hair below the lip. (Nasai - S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 514)

S.8. Our beloved Nabi (S.A.W) has said that white hair on a Muslim’,s beard is Noor (lustre) on the Day of Qiyamah. (S.K.-Vol. l: Pg. 520)

S.9.Whoever has white hair, in the state of Islam, then Allah SWT will:

Muslim beard types

Note: Due to these lofty virtues, it is not permissible to pluck out the white hair from one’,s beard.

S.10. It is permissible to dye the white hair with ‘,henna&apos, (mehendi) or saffron. (S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 556-557)

Note: It is prohibited to use black dye on the hair whether of the beard or head, except for a mujahid. (S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 557)

S.11. To trim off the beard beyond one fist length if it becomes long. (Tirmidhi-S.K.-Vol. 1: Pg. 516)

Note: The following beard styles are not Sunnah and are prohibited:

c. Short beard that is not at least one fist in length. (S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 526)

S.12. Very rarely Nabi would hold his beard - this used to be when he was sad. (S.K.-Vol. 4:Pg. 54)

Note: Due to this the scholars discourage those who continuously play with their beards as a habit.


Muslim beard styles

S.1. As regards the moustache each of the following is allowed:

a) To trim the moustache to only that extent that the skin below the hair becomes visible.

b) To trim the moustache to such an extent that the redness of the upper lip becomes visible.

c) To trim the moustache in such a way that it becomes like the eyebrow. (S.K. - Vol. l: Pg. 533)

2. Each of the above is done by means of a scissors,

3. Many scholars regard shaving the moustache as an innovation.

S.2. The hair of the moustache should not be allowed to reach the upper lip. (S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 530)

S.3. To trim the moustache before the Friday (Jumuah) Salah. (Tabrani - S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 538)

S.4. The moustache should be trimmed so that the hair does not flow over the lip. (Baihaqi-S.K.-Vol. 1: Pg. 531)

Muslim beard styles pictures

S.5. It is preferable to trim the moustache to such an extent that the skin beneath the hair becomes visible. (Bukhari - S.K. - Vol. 1: Pg. 529)

S.6. The hair of the moustache should be trimmed with scissors and not shaved with a razor.

Hope that was helpful Insha Allah, all those guys and men who sport beard as a Sunnah for gaining Allah SWT&apos,s pleasure, then May Ar Rahman reward you with the Best of bests of both the worlds! Aameen Summa Aameen. ,

And as for us girls it is we who have to encourage and commend our male relations to practice this most beautiful Sunnah, know that by doing so, Allah SWT will keep on increasing and doubling your rewards... tease them, boost them up, tell your father he would look handsome with a beard, tell your brother Allah SWT will reward him a Hoor (enchantingly beautiful lady of Paradise) for every single hair of his beard! Ask Dua to Allah SWT, do everything to please Him and revive and try to follow every single Sunnah, and I promise by the Most Beautiful Allah SWT, He will turn your house and life into Jannah! ,

May Ar Rahman forgive and guide us all! Aameen ,

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