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The whole idea of a uniform is…uniformity. The idea of a uniform is to show that the people wearing it are not acting as individuals, but as part of a common cause. This strikes against that, and as yet another concession to Islamic practices, is just part of the rapid Islamization of America. Muslim beard styles.

Everywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is America that must give way.

Uniforms within a military unit should not alter between one wearer and another: they are supposed to be uniform for good reason.

In the fog of battle (which is real not imagined), a soldier has a better chance of distinguishing friend from foe because of the uniforms each side wears. “Should I squeeze the trigger?” is a question that a soldier may have to answer in a split second. Hesitation can mean death.

A soldier (and a police officer) should also only have one allegiance — period. Extraneous symbols of other leanings are divisive.

The armies of the British Empire had whole battalions wearing Sikh Turbans — great fighting men (as Rommel’s Afrika Korps soon discovered).

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To this day, the Gurkhas (from Nepal) are an integral and much cherished part of the British Army. Accommodations made for these brave men evolved over hundreds of years for sound military reasons — not out of political expediency.

US Army alters uniform code to accommodate Muslim and Sikh soldiers with beards and turban

MUSLIMS and other religious minorities may be persuaded to join the US Army after a senior official altered its uniform policy with rules that fall in line with their faith.

Eric Fanning, a US Army Secretary revised the uniform policy which now sets a guideline for army officers of minority faiths including Islam and Sikhism to wear particular turbans, head scarfs and beard styles.

As long as the soldier is granted a religious accommodation, soldiers may wear a turban or under-turban known as a Patka, as long as they are able to wear combat helmets and other protective headgear, but their hairstyles must be altered to achieve a proper fit.

However, Major Kamal Kalsi, the first Sikh to be granted a religious accommodation, said the process in gaining the uniform exception is extremely long and laborious, which may drive religious minorities away.

Major Kalsi said: “I think that’s a shame, because that situation basically pushes away young, qualified candidates, be it from the Sikh religion, or from the Muslim religion, or Buddhist.

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“If we want a modern progressive military that looks like America, we’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that not all Americans look alike.”

Beards are allowed, but they may not be longer than two inches, according to the memo which sets out the policy. If they are longer, they should be rolled or tied up.

The new rules forces senior figures to approve the religious accommodations otherwise they will face disciplinary action.

Lieutenant Colonel Randy Taylor said: “Our goal is to balance soldier readiness and safety with the accommodation of our solders’ faith practices, and this latest directive allows us to do that.”

Approved uniform codes will stay throughout a soldier’s career and may not be modified without the approval of the Army secretary.

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The new rules allow head scarfs, or hijabs, for Muslim women. They must be of a similar colour to the uniform and be free of designs or markings, unless they are camouflage and worn with a camouflage uniform.

Sikhs have a long tradition of military service, serving the US army since World War One.

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