Best beard styles for round face. THE RIGHT BEARD STYLE: HOW AND WHY? BEARDRAJA

For the unaware boys out there, the only way to grow a beard is to simply stop shaving. Do you fall under the same mindset? If so, read on to get out of this bracket and earn your right to be called a bearded MAN. Beard styles for round face.

While refraining from letting the razor touch your facial hair is the first step into growing a glorious beard, the process does not stop there. Growing a beard is a much intricate ordeal, and requires your utmost attention and effort. Men must ask themselves a few basic questions, something like: what kind of beard they want? What kind of a face do they have? What style they believe will go well with their face? What hair length do they hope to achieve?

But sadly, many people skip this step. We’,re here to tell you one thing: Don’,t skip. A well grown and a well-groomed beard can drastically affect your appearance. If done right, you can end up looking like a million bucks. If not, then too bad. While it is a well-known fact that every beard is different, and every attribute, like hair texture, growth rate, growth direction etc, is vastly varied, you need not resort to trial and error. Remember, beards work around you, not the other way round. Here we have for you some basic rules that will help you figure out the best beard styles for your specific face type:

Face Type: Round

For a round face, the best way to attain some shape is to let the beard grow out more on the chin. This will add length to the chin, and make the face appear less round. More so, thick sideburns must be avoided at all costs.

Beard styles for round fat face

Face Type: Square

If you seem to have a square or boxy face, the goal is to make your face appear longer and more slender, much similar to a round face. You can either opt for a trimmed beard overall, or a beard with length at the chin, keeping the sides tight.

Face Type: Long

A long and narrow face screams for a fuller look. So go the opposite way from the round, and keep your beard denser on the sides.

Face Type: Large

Bigger is better. So on the same lines, if you have a large face, and huge beard must follow. Grow it big, and proportionate it with your face.

Facial hair styles for a round face

Face Type: Small

For a small face, a large, fuller beard is a bad option as you can potentially end up losing your face in your beard. So you can consider a smaller beard, neatly trimmed and lightly grazing your face.

Face Type: Oval

Say thanks to the Lord, for your prayers have been answered! An oval face is considered to be the ideal shape for any beard style on the face of the earth. You can opt for any style possible, and it will for sure balance and enhance your facial features.

Follow this guide to a T to achieve that glorious bearded look that is tailor-made specifically for YOU!

Beard styles for round face

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