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This article is useful if you want to read reviews of the best beard trimmers in the UK market today before buying one. Many men like to sport a moustache, a beard, or both and if you like that look, then you will know they need to be well groomed and maintained. Best beard and moustache styles.

Otherwise, you may start to take on the look of an Arctic explorer, or someone who has spent way too long in the depths of the jungle. (You know the look) As you can imagine, beards have been around since Moses, and they come in all shapes, sizes, some are thin, and others are thick.

The range of styles for beards and moustaches are a lot bigger than many people would at first think. Now some guys just have to always have a beard, and some guys like me, are part-timers. We just give it a whirl when we take the notion, usually in the winter time.

With the snow we have had in the UK, who can blame us! If you would like to read about the best beard trimmers for stubble then click on the link.

Many men keep their beards and moustaches in check by attacking them with a pair of scissors, and some get their partners to do it.(Risky I know) Some guys I know get their local barber or hairdresser to give it a trim when they are getting their hair cut.

One of the best ways though, and increasing in popularity, is to get a beard/moustache trimmer. I was astonished when I discovered how many of these are sold each month in the UK. There must be an awful lot of bearded men out there. If you have thought about growing a beard then we have an article here that will help offer you some tips for beard growth.

The cost of these differ quite a lot and we have found ones as cheap as £7, with the most expensive just shy of £50. That makes them pretty affordable for most people. The average price range for the better brands is between £25-35, with the higher specification trimmers around the £45 average.

When I was looking at these, I decided to put together a comparison and rating chart of the top 10 on the market today and available in the United Kingdom. I hope that you find this useful. The most popular is the Remington Barba and I have done a more detailed review of this one below the table.

Best Beard Trimmers In The UK

Here we look at what we believe to be the top 10 Beard Trimmers available in the UK right now. We have used buyer review ratings from Amazon which are rated on a score out of 5 stars. We have also used average prices taken from Amazon.

Please note these were correct at the time of publishing. Rating and prices may however change on a daily basis, so please always check the actual rating and price on the day to make sure you get the best value.

What Exactly Are Beard Trimmers Used For?

As the name would suggest these are a specific type of shaving product for men, who like to have a beard and keep it trimmed and looking good. The main benefit of using one of these trimmers is that it allows you to look after your facial hair, without having to fully shave, but still keep it looking very neat and tidy. This is a subtle difference I know, but one that can make a huge difference in your sharper appearance.

These trimmers work on exactly the same principle as the electric clippers you see in barber shops. in fact, many of these clippers now come with a beard attachment. The very high end professional versions of these can actually double up for both trimming our hair and also for trimming our beards.

In the main though most of the trimmers available have been designed specifically for the hair on your face. These design features allow these to be able to adjust to the contours of your face, in a similar way to electric shavers. With the best ones you will usually have a choice of settings, so as they won’t irritate your skin by pulling on the hairs.

All good quality beard trimmers will have a quality blade and it should come with a number of attachments. The purpose of these is to allow you to be in control. You can then decide if you want neat straight edges, a designer stubble look, or whatever else you decide. The choice of attachment will also allow you to determine the thickness of the beard you want to have.

Best beard and moustache styles

These trimmers can be bought as electric with a cord, or cordless, and with the better ones you have a choice of both options. The ones that are plug-in only, tend to be slightly more powerful, whereas the cordless ones, are better if you travel around a lot. We like the idea of having the option to plug it in, and also being able to use it when staying overnight with work, or heading off on holidays.

That is a more difficult choice than you may think. The reason for that is that the specifications, brands and styles for these vary quite a bit. That is why we produced the guide above of the top ten trimmers, which hopefully will help narrow down your choices. Now down below, we have also included a more detailed review of our top three picks, and why we decided on these.

It might help to quickly read through these, as it may help in your decision.

Our Review of the Top 3 Beard Trimmers

Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer

With almost 2,000 reviews by buyers at the UK Amazon website, clearly this is the most bought beard trimmer in the UK right now. With a price point of just under £25, it has maintained strong ratings of 4.4 out of 5, with over “, 2, thousand 5 star”, reviews. That is not too shabby for any product, and at the end of the day, those figures really do speak for themselves.

The blades on this trimmer are ceramic coated, which makes them stronger, and these blades are also self-sharpening. It has nine different length settings, (1.5 –, 18 mm) and for grades 0.5 –, 4 which allows you great flexibility, and these lengths are set by a zoom wheel. It comes with pop-up trimmer, a 2-year guarantee, and a cleaning brush. It can be used as corded only, or when used as a cordless trimmer, lasts up to 40 minutes, before it requires a charge.

This Remington is just under the average price point for this range of trimmers. One unique feature is what they call “,lube for life,”, and that simply means it will never require any type of oil. That is we think a very good thing as to be honest, most guys will forget to do this.

This MB320C model looks set to be the best seller for a long time to come.

Philips BT5260/ 33 Style Xpert Precision Stubble Trimmer

This trimmer is at the higher end of the market and costs just over £40. So does what this trimmer has to offer, justify the higher than average price. Well the first thing we noticed was the very high rating that buyers attribute to this product. Like the one above it has a 4.4 rating out of 5, with over half the reviewers awarding it a 5 star rating.

Right out of the box, this one looks really good, very stylish if you know what I mean. The extra cost we think is down to the range of extra features that you get with this product. In the box you get the trimmer, a bear comb, and cleaning brush. Not much difference there really so the real difference is in how precise you can set the trims at. This one ranges from 0.4 mm and all the way up to 10 mm. The blades are made of high quality steel and are self-sharpening.

It is 100% waterproof so to clean it just rinse it out under the tap. The beard comb is a pretty neat little feature, that just gives you a lot more control. Many of the reviewers stated that the length of charge on this one is excellent, lasts for around 6 trims and takes about an hour to charge. It can also be used as a corded product.

Beard and mustache styles 2013

BaByliss For Men 7107U Precision Beard Trimmer

Now in terms of price this is one at the other end of the scale. For around £10 you get a lot of product for your money. Not only that, but it comes with a 3-year guarantee and from a good quality brand. We initially thought that at this price, there would be lowish ratings, but no, this one maintains a steady 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is very good. Once again over half of the reviews give this one a “, 5-star rating. ”,

This is a relatively new arrival to the market place, and seems to be selling very well indeed. It is now selling really well and there are already over 200 buyer reviews at Amazon UK. So despite being new to the market, this model has certainly taken off.

This trimmer sits firmly in the budget class and it comes with stainless steel blades, and a 5-position comb guide. and three jaw line blending combs. It also has its own small storage stand. We really liked this one and under a tenner, we think it is well worth the money. It can also do a very good job on sideburns, and if you have the skills can also do a very good job on blending.

The title may sound obvious, but it is actually very important to understand. Most of the trimmers that are on the market these days are quite sophisticated, especially compared to say 5 years ago. That does not however mean that any of them will do your job. The only person who knows the style of beard or moustache that you want to create is you. With that in mind, you need to pay particular attention to the range of accessories that will come with your new product.

It is these small things that can make an average trimmer into a great one, and one that will allow you to create the look that you want. This is equally important if you want to keep your beard properly groomed, and looking the way it should. In today’,s world especially we almost always need to be looking our best for occasions such as job interviews, meeting customers and other situations of this nature.

If you work in the great outdoors, you can probably get away with a face that looks like Grizzly Adams, but for most of us who have a 9-5 job, it is probably not the ideal look.

When you have read as many reviews as I have about trimmers, you soon realise that a common frustration by end users is the length of time it takes to charge it up. Let’,s face it is something that many of us simply forget to do, and then when we need to use it, the trimmer is not ready. There are a few trimmers that have a quick charge function, usually in under an hour, so if you are a man in a hurry, then look our for this as a feature.

In general though these products take around 8-12 hours to get charged so it is a good idea to get into a habit of charging them overnight. That means they will always be ready when you need them the most. It is a habit I have developed myself though it took me a bit of time to gte there.

I mentioned above the accessories are important, and of all of these, the attachments are probably the most important. These should be simple to click on and off, and they should feel secure when you click them into position. You also need to have a variety of attachments so as you can alter the depth and the thickness of your beard.

I also like value for money, so when reviewing the products always look and make sure they also have attachments for doing both the hair in your nose and ears. You can buy these separately of course, but a good quality brand will include these as standard. It also means that you just get much better value for money, and a complete male grooming kit.

So that is our short review of the top three, and we hope that you have found our top 10 list of beard trimmers helpful. We like to see everything in the one place, as it allows us to get a quick comparison, of what is available and an idea of the price range.

Beard and moustache styles 2011

New models for beard trimmers are coming out all the time. We will where possible always try to keep this list up to date with the newer models. The leading grooming brands are always looking for that something new, and we like to be early to see what they are offering, and get a sense of what they are adding to make these beard trimmers better.

Sometimes though they add features that only complicate the buying process and actually add no value to the product. It is always much better to have the basics that work really well.

Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble

Now these are a different product to an actual beard trimmer. The purpose behind these is to allow a man to shave his beard but leave behind a particular length of stubble. There are plenty of different models. Rather than try to include all of those here, we have a separate article on those which you can read by clicking here.

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

When some guys are buying a beard trimmer, they also want one that can take care of either trimming or shaving the head. The Braun Cruzer 6 is probably the most popular choice for doing that.

As you can see from the image to the left, this is a nice looking trimmer and most buyers were especially impressed by how precise you could be with this model.

It has some really good features and for under £40 is good enough value for money. It has 6 length settings, very sharp blades and can be washed out under the tap for quick and easy cleaning.

This model comes with the standard UK 2-pin plug so if you want to use it in an electrical socket, you will need the three pin UK adaptor.

Despite this it remains a very popular choice for all of the facial hair including beards, moustaches and the head. You can read more reviews at Amazon by clicking here. This one can also double up as a stubble trimmer as the comb allows you to have 6 different length settings.

One hour of charge will give you about 40 minutes of trimming. The grip feels solid as well but most people comment on the sharpness and accuracy of the blades, which they like for close cutting. The main reason people buy this one though is that it saves having to own both a trimmer and a shaver as this can take care of it all.

So that pretty much wraps up my beard trimmer reviews and hopefully it has been of help to you.

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