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We spend so much time making our beards look great that we sometimes forget another important component, the hair on our heads. Beard and hair styles.

Creating an artful masterpiece with your hair and beard can be a rewarding experience. The modern man’,s beard is not only functional and cool, it’,s also a great style identifier.

There are just some certain hair styles that match and compliment the beard perfectly. If you’,ve chosen a unique beard style then its time to pair that with something other than the outgrowth of an old buzzcut.

Complimentary Styles

We’,re going to simplify our often complex and varying beard styles into a few categories: standard beards, full beards and nearly-wizard beards. Our standard look is any shorter ranged style from 1-3 months. You can guess the rest. Pairing different length and styled beards with varying haircuts will give you a distinct look. So let’,s begin.

“,Undercut”, –, This hairstyle has grown quite popular over the years with many variations to it. The underlying principle behind the style are shaved sides with the top grown long and swooped back.

Hair and beard styles 2012

This is a go to hairstyle for all of our different types of beards. Our eyes are illusionary gems at best and with this style, your beard no matter the length will look much thicker and larger on your face. It’,s a simple hairstyle to maintain after you’,ve gotten a good haircut. If you’,re on the go, just slick your hair back with some leftover beard wax or oil, it’,ll do the trick.

“,Top Knot &, Manbun”, –, Another hairstyle that is hitting peak popularity, probably because it took so long to grow out. Naturally this style was bound to occur after the undercut craze. As the bangs and hair swept longer and longer with the undercut, the only natural evolution was to tie it into a topknot. For those with longer or thicker hair, we can call those manbuns with a straight face. Whatever you do guys, let it grow first.

Sorry, but we’,re out of Quinoa.

Ladies are crazy for this combination. It’,s a perfect mix of old world manliness and new age sensibilities with your hair. It looks great with all lengths and styles of a beard. Here’,s a secret though. If you really want to stand out of the bunch, grow the beard bun, a cutting edge avant-garde style that shows your bearded dedication and style. Trust me, it’,ll be the fashion craze for beards everywhere one day.

Hair and beard styles 2014

“,Bald Buzz”, –, Either because you choose to shave your head or Gaia’,s genetic imposition made it so, having a shaved or bald head can compliment a bearded look. Scores of actors and seekers have worn this look before.

Maybe you’,re taking one out of the Allen Ginsberg playbook, and looking all the part of a new age shaman. The wizard-like beard here goes a long way here towards making you look wise and experienced. A shorter or full beard can give that rough no nonsense look. A few variations on length of the buzz can help you get that business casual look on your face.

“,Long Mane”, –, A neccessary haircut if you’,re going to do a real manbun or brotail. If you’,ve managed to grow your hair past your ears and not look like a wiry vagabond or sponsored skateboarding reject, then you’,ve earned your style points. It takes a lot to cultivate a long flowing mane of healthy hair.

When you have long hair, your possibility for style is endless. Pair that with a wizard beard and you’,re either looking like a metal lead-screamer or Khal Drogo on horseback. This style is timeless and shows you have the capability to grow it out. Invoke your inner Avalonian post-60s Beatles style, looking like John Lennon or Jim Morrison at soundcheck.

Beard and hairstyles 2015

Fitting Your Style Mold

Generally, guys fall into at least one spectrum of hair styles. They’,ve either grown and styled their hair short their entire lives, buzzed it off or lost it, or are on the borders of rock stardom letting the mane lie low.

When you’,ve decided to add a beard into the style mix, is when you should take account for what you’,re doing with your hair. Sure just a grown out flop of hair might have suited you in the past, but now you’,re a styling guy. With great beards comes great style!

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