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After a few days of the picnic,school had started. I had passed the 9th grade and that year I was entering the 10th grade. In the beginning of the 10th grade,I was made the laughing stalk(even for the students who didn&apos,t know me). I was given a very popular nick name which the boys would chant everytime we went home just to annoy me. Even girls would join on the chants when we were in the classroom. Almost every student treated me I wasn&apos,t a human being. I hated the kids in my class that year. But the chanting decreased one day. Best muslim beard styles.

One day unlike any other day,I started getting wierd feelings about Humaira more than usual. That day I wrote a song in her memory. Back then I didn&apos,t know what love was like,but I was starting to think that I was probably in love with her.

Coincidentally I wrote it in the notebook(/register) that I used to take to school. So,the guy sitting next to me accidentally saw that song one day and asked me what that was. I told him the same as written here,I wrote it in the memory of someone. He was happy for me offcourse as he was my friend,but he was also surprised to think that I wrote a song for a girl as I was simple and my simplicity seemed more like stupidity to other people.

Best muslim beard styles

After a few days of that,I decided to write her name on my arm. I don&apos,t know what had gotten into me and yes,I know I shouldn&apos,t had. However,I did. I tried to do it with a razor blade first.Though it was a bit painful and I was also worried about the blood coming out. It wouldn&apos,t stop. So I decided to do it with a small plastic piece broken out of my television remote. It felt like I was scratching myself. The pain was lesser and I didn&apos,t bleed. So I continued and wrote Humaira&apos,s name on my arm.

The following day at school the teachers may not have noticed or they probably ignored it but the students started asking me,who is this "Sumaira"?I asked them how they saw an "S" in they realized it was "Humaira" and asked me anyway,who is she?

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At that time,they were curious about her. Who was she?Why was her name on my hand?How did they never know about her before?Was I in a secret relationship?Upon their asking,I told them she was my "girlfriend". My song and writing her name on my arm seemed to have proved it to them. I also tried different hairstyles and beardstyles which also increased my popularity. Some guys even asked me for relationship advice and some wanted me to tell them how I talked to her and how she talked to me. One guy even asked me if I&apos,d kissed her. I told him I hadn&apos,t. He asked me whether it was because she didn&apos,t used to let me or because I didn&apos,t used to get the chance. I told him I didn&apos,t use to get the chance.

I hadn&apos,t the idea that doing this would make me from laughing stalk to popular kid,I was doing it in the craziness of immature love.

Best muslim beard styles

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