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Before we dive right into our list of different mutton chops and sideburn styles we want to take a look at the fascinating origin of the iconic style.​ Different styles of beard and moustache.

The origin of mutton chops &, sideburns

The infamous mutton chops style can be traced back in ancient history to Alexander the Great. Alexander is commonly depicted with extremely thick sideburns as depicted in this mosaic from Pompeii.

Traces of sideburns as facial hair also date back to the Napoleonic period as Western European culture spread east towards Japan.​

Fast forward to the American civil war - where the term mutton chops originated - you have general Ambrose Burnside. General Burnside was known for his wildly audacious facial hair style.

General Burnside = Side Burns!​

That style consisted of extremely thick sideburns that attached to his moustache while leaving the chin clean shaven.

Thus the mutton chops style was born. Circa 1800s.

Different mutton chops styles from around the Globe

Different variations of sideburns can be found all around the world. In some parts they are grown long and thick while in other parts they are kept short. Sometimes they connect to the mustache (referred to as mutton chops).

No matter where you live. Sideburns are in style.

Huge thank you to General Sideburns Burnside for giving us inspiration for some of these great styles.

1. I pity da fool who doesn't grow mutton chops​

Mr. T grew this iconic beard style and still rocks them today. Keep your mustache thin and chin shaved clean. As you can see Mr. T also shaved the fur from his cheeks, keeping it well trimmed. Optional style of shaving your head, leaving a mohawk.

2. The Boomerang

This style is pretty popular among younger gents. The trick is to keep your beard at shorter length while keeping your face shaved clean, giving it a boomerang shape. Shout out to Barber Shop Elche for the look!

3. Beard competition sideburns!​

This style goes near beyond words. Photo courtesy of Greg Anderson. This image was taken from a beard competition in Oregon, United States. Takes true dedication.

3. The 5 o'clock chops

This style of mutton chops would make General Burnside proud. Easy to make your own. Grow your beard out. Shave the chin --and wait a couple days. Perfect!

4. The Bill Murray Classic

This classic style of chops looks great on Bill Murray while he was out golfing. Pairs nicely with that hat, which is known as a flat cap.

5. British sideburns from the 60s

Ah. The 60s. Good times. Music was at its finest with the Beatles &, Rolling Stones. This nostalgic sideburn style needs no introduction.

6. We like to call it the General Burnside ​

This list wouldn't be complete without highlighting General Burnside himself. This mutton chop style is extremely bushy and includes shaving your chin significantly.

Different styles of beard and moustache

7. The King - Elvis Presley

No list of sideburns would be complete without mentioning the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Known for his bold style of music and fashion and life. To have sideburns worthy of the King you need to be clean shaven with the exception of allowing your sideburns to go clear down to your jawline.

8. The Wolverine - Hugh Jackman

We've mentioned Hugh in our other article of popular beard styles​ , and we're mentioning him again! Hugh has perfected the modern version of mutton chops. He opts to completely shave off the 'stache.

9. 1 day old chops

This style of muttonchops looks best on men with a more defined jawline. Simply go from clean shaven one day and trim up the next.

10. The Bowler Chops

Another photograph by the talented Greg Anderson from an Oregon beard and mustache competition. Looks best when combined with a nice bowler hat. We suggest checking out Optimo Hats from Chicago if you're looking for something truly special.

11. Your standard muttonchops

The gentleman pictured here is provided courtesy of Wahl , whom make some of the highest quality beard trimmers currently available on market.

12. Red Chops

If you're a ginger than you've got to rock these red mutton chops. A classic beard style paired with a pair of vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers.

13. John Lennon's Sideburns

No doubt you've heard some of John Lennon's music. You know.. the Beatles? Yeah. History shows that gents with sideburns have had wildly successful careers.

14. 2011 World Beard &, Mustache Champion, Dieter Besuch

Image courtesy of Flickr user Rick Harrison. Dieter has won at the world level of freestyle beard and mustache competitions. Featured here with an incredible set of 'chops.

15. NFL player Aaron Rodgers 'chops​

Aaron Rodgers is an American football player, currently quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Although he doesn't always sport facial hair, you can see him here as a great example of muttonchops.

16. Instagram user Drake Balkan's muttonchops​

Drake Balkan took the plunge and shaved part of his beard to sport some incredible muttonchops. He took a long beard style and shaved that chin! Looks great, Drake.

17. Chris Pratt's 80s sideburns​

Chris Pratt played the iconic Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Seen here at the MTV awards looking classy.

18. Them Baltimore Sideburns

We don't know who this fella is, but we thank Mark Jonas for snapping this pic at the Hamilton Street Festival in Baltimore.​

19. Isaac Asimov's sideburns​

Isaac Asimov is well known for his literary genius in sci-fi literature.​ He coined the term robotics. He had some out-there thinking and some out there sideburns.

20. ​Joaquin Phoenix sideburns

Joaquin sports some crazy sideburns in hit movie Inherent Vice. He has also been known to sport a pretty grizzly beard style from time to time.

21. Don't mess with the fluff

These fluffy sideburns are no joke. Even though some say they might be. It takes a true boldness that not everyone has to rock these babies.

22. Curled up stache with thick sideburns

Was this guy the spokesperson for Guinness? We don't know. What we do know is that mustache is on point!

Different styles of beard and mustache

23. The long forgotten Sabertooth​

Wolverine's long forgotten brother, Sabertooth, also wears a nice original styled mutton chops. No. We aren't talking about the goofy version played by Tyler Mane in the first X-Men movie. We prefer Liev Schreiber's version of Sabertooth.

24. Doctor Who's Sideburns

David Tennants' brilliant adaptation of the Doctor is well respected. Not only that.. he also sports some incredible sideburns.

25. MMA Fighter Ken Shamrock​

Not only can the guy fight, Ken Shamrock also wears some great sideburns.

26. Some Ludacris Sideburns​

Ludacris has some... ludacris sideburns. It takes somebody bold to go for this look!

27. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy​

You have watched Nanny McFee, right? Colin Firth plays as Mr Darcy with some crazy thick sideburns.

28. Jay O. Sanders Sideburns​

Jay O. Sanders grew some impressive sideburns and mustache for The Day After Tomorrow. He has also starred in Vice &, The Iron Warehouse.

29. ​Competition Worthy Sideburns

This gentleman placed third in the 2012 Beard &, Moustache championships. Well done, sir!

30. Friendly Mutton Chops

Best way to wear mutton chops? Simply smile.

31. Gibbs epic muttonchops​

When he isn't busy helping captain Jack Sparrow, Gibbs is put onto trial. At least his facial hair was on point!

Whether you're going for some sideburns or full on mutton chops. Be sure to take inspiration and make it your own. Your facial hair should be an extension of your personality.

So, you want to grow a spartan beard as glorious as Gerard Butler did for his role as King Leonidas in 300?

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a decade (March 2007) since we were introduced to the fabled story of how 300 Spartans went up against the Athenian empire led by Themistocles. Incredible story. Great movie.

What you need to know before growing this beard style

Don't worry. You can get this look. It just takes patience. As we said earlier expect to grow your beard out for at least three months. Exactly how long depends entirely on you.

​After letting your beard grow out you will need to get a good beard groomer or go to a barber shop with pictures of Leonidas in hand.

If you opt to go to a barber please.. don't go to a generic big box retailer haircut "salon".

That would be a horrible idea.​

Styles of beards and moustaches

Search your area for a well qualified barber. Pro tip: Check out Twitter or Instagram when ​looking for a good barber.

How to shape your Spartan beard yourself​

As you can see in the image you are going to need to take a razor to your cheeks.

Follow down your sideburn, leaving it at about 1.5 to 2 inches in thickness.

Go for a relatively sharp angle going from your sideburn to mustache area.

You will then need to utilize a good pair of mustache trimmers to shorten your beard on the sides allowing it to take a boxed type of shape getting longer as you get closer to your chin.

You will want to give extra attention and go slow as to make sure you don't end up making your beard rounded instead of squared.

You can see an example of somebody shaping their own 300 beard on Jeff's beard board. ​

For the best results​..

Essentially beard balm is a product made of a base of bees wax and Shea butter. It not only gives you the ability to shape your beard effectively, but also ​nourishes your beard.

No. You don't have to use beard balm to have Leonidas beard style.. but it sure helps.

​Images of King Leonidas Beard

Here you can see a great image from the front of Leonidas' face.

And finally here is a good profile picture from the side. It is easy to think that his beard is rounded but we have found that going for a square shape gives you the best results.

People say that this whole “,beard thing”, is a trend. We couldn’,t disagree more. As a reader of this site you already know that its all about the beard lifestyle. Here we have 17 popular beard styles that celebrities have recently rocked.

1. Bruce wayne.. uhh we mean Ben Affleck has been recently sporting a short and well trimmed beard style that looks great.

2. Robert Downey Jr, also known as Iron man, has been sporting a rather audacious balbo style beard for quite some time.

3. No doubt that Chris Pine’,s beard style is looking great. Take some inspiration from the captain!

4. Next in our list is none other than Ryan Reynolds who has recently been starring in the hit movie Deadpool

5. No list of popular beard styles could be complete without Zach Galifianakis. The Hangover star has proved that beards are here to stay.

6. When not shooting scenes as Captain America, Chris Evans sports a short beard style that looks great.

7. Bradley Cooper, star of hit movies Limitless, The Hangover, and A-Team is well known for his well trimmed beard style.

8. David Beckham’,s beard style is short. He kind of just lets it grow as it wants when he is not clean shaven.

9. Known for his incredible style of fedoras, sunglasses, as well as his beard. Johnny Depp has made our list.

10. Number 10 on our list of popular beard styles is none other than Tom Hardy. Fun fact: Did you know Tom played Bayne in the Dark Knight Batman series?!

11. Next up is the Scottish actor Pierce Brosnan. Known for his role as James Bond. He is seen hear sporting a fuller version of the Guy Fawkes beard style.

12. No list of popular beard styles would be complete without Thor, God of Thunder. Also known as Chris Hemsworth.

13. American actor George Clooney has starred in some incredible movies including the remake of Ocean’,s 11 and the sequels. Here he is with a well groomed short beard.

14. Although Hugh Jackman is known to grow many different beard styles. He is best known when sporting mutton chops as Wolverine. Fun fact: Hugh has played Wolverine is 8 different movies.

15. Jason Momoa has played some incredible roles. He also has a great full beard. The actor is set to play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film.

16. This list wouldn’,t be complete without featuring Idris Elba. Idris typically keeps his beard trimmed and neat.

17. We finish this list of beard styles with the man who brought us many laughs over the years. Mr Robbin Williams is greatly missed.

Who is your favorite celebrity that sports facial hair?

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