Styles of moustache and beard. Facial Hair Styles, A Man s Ultimate Facial Hair Guide

What do history’s greatest men have in common?

Aristotle. Jesus of Nazareth. Leonardo da Vinci. William Shakespeare. Abraham Lincoln. Ulysses S. Grant. James Clerk Maxwell. Theodore Roosevelt. Albert Einstein. Beard and moustache styles.

Some of the greatest men of all time. Between them, they ruled nations, waged wars, created masterpieces, built empires, and changed the world. They shared various qualities between them: strength, manhood, wisdom, charisma, determination. But after their respective legacies were etched into the annals of history, one thing stands out above all to unite them.

Some may wave this away as a coincidence. But when so many of mankind’s greatest figures share such a prominent trait, there may be more to it than meets the eye. And we think the benefits of well-groomed facial hair should be obvious.

After all, facial hair is distinguished. It’s attractive. It’s manly. It’s classy.

But most of all, it’s available to any man. And with that privilege comes a responsibility — a duty incumbent upon each man to exercise his God-given follicular ability to the utmost. To grow the greatest beard or mustache he can. And not only that — but to help other men fulfill this sacred duty.

Different beard and moustache styles

And with that belief — and our commitment to the cause of facial hair — in mind, we’ve decided to create something remarkable.

About Our Man’s Ultimate Guide to Facial Hair.

It’s our belief that every man ought to have the best facial hair he can. Whether that’s a simple mustache for the office, or a long, glorious beard from years of growth, we each owe it to our manhood to celebrate our most distinctive and distinguished feature.

But a common problem is that men simply don’t know how to do it. Perhaps they’ve never grown a beard before. Or they’re afraid of the reactions of other people. Or they don’t know how to grow the style they want. Or they don’t even know any styles at all — because the Internet is full of cheap lists and poor-quality information.

Whatever the reason, though, we’re here to change that. Because we’ve scoured the net for the best resources. We’ve taken our experience as the purveyors of the premium beard care experience. And we’ve put it all together into this authoritative compendium of some of the finest facial hair knowledge on the Internet.

Beard and mustache style names

The best part? It’s completely free — our gift to you. All we ask is that you use it to grow some fantastic facial hair — and share it with any friends who might need help.

How Do I Use The Guide?

The best part about the guide is how versatile it is. Need some inspiration on beard styles? Just browse the convenient infographic for something that suits, and click through to the appropriate article for a description and how-to. Need to know how to give your beard a trim? There’s an article for that. Want some tips on how to keep your facial hair in top condition? Check out our articles on our blog, Dapper Daily.

Who Are You, Anyway?

If you’re curious, we’re Noble Grooming — the purveyors of the premium beard care experience. If you’ve ever wanted a beard or mustache that’s healthy, sexy, or stylish, we manufacture a range of beard oils, balms and beard care products to help you do it. And drawing on our many years of experience in helping men grow healthy, stylish beards, we’ve compiled a number of resources for men with facial hair, many of which we’ve included here. If you want to know more on who we are, click here.

That should clear up any doubts — and if you want to know any more, check out our website.

Beard and moustache styles 2014

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