Beard shaving styles. Cool Beard, Mustache, and Goatee Styles and Designs for Men in 2015, Optimus Barba

Cool Beard, Mustache, and Goatee Styles and Designs for Men in 2015

As the years roll by, more gentlemen discover the majesty of a beard, young men become ambitious and begin experimenting, and differing styles of facial hair come in and out of style. It’s very tempting to simply “go at it,” but there are also many considerations that should be taken into account before you commit to a certain style. Beard shaving styles.

Facial hair styles have evolved over the years, spawning sub-styles and obtaining new connotations attached to them. Some classics have stood the test of time, but you definitely aren’t confined to looking like a lumberjack or wizard. To figure out which styles are most appropriate for you, think about the following items first:

Genetic Hair Growth Abilities

Environmental and Social Expectations

Personal preference should be your first and foremost priority in determining what kind of facial hair you want to sculpt. You may not want to look like a Viking or a heavy metal rocker, but you could get down with a more urban or hip-hop look. These are the kinds of decisions you need to make, but they aren’t solely independent decisions because they are limited by your ability to grow facial hair in the first place.

Take an honest self-inventory. Maybe your cheeks are too patchy for a full beard. You could go for an anchor beard or a goatee then. Perhaps your mustache doesn’t connect to your chin or there are gaps on either side of your chin. The lack of these connectors doesn’t mean you shouldn’,t try a beard, but it might suggest a certain style for you. All of these parameters can impede your ability to grow the perfect beard of your choosing that fits the shape of your face and choices in clothing and haircut, but that shouldn’t necessarily stop you unless you have to take into account environmental and social expectations.

Some family members and friends will lose their minds beyond rationality when they realize you’re growing a beard. People resist change. Others have religious parameters to follow or an office dress code they must abide within if they’d like to remain employed. And you have to resist shaving it off during the awkward stage where the beard just doesn’,t look right yet and is itchy and downright ugly at times. Can you survive on the order of months with these roadblocks and hurdles? Think about these things as well. Done? Then look no further for some of the styles of facial hair that are trending for 2015.

Below are various styles that have become cool this year, starting with the classic full beard that never goes out of style. This is not an all-inclusive list, but does cover the most common and accepted styles of this year. If you are a charismatic individual who doesn’t mind venturing out into the wild to try some of the more wild and intricate styles, you’ll discover plenty more styles out there to experiment with.

The Full Beard

When a Full Beard is mentioned, it can invoke images of long beards hanging down to the chest, or fluffy beards poofing off to the sides. Both apply here, but full beards encompass so much more. From the common “Five O’clock Shadow” stubble to a short and neatly groomed corporate length beard, the full beard can be very versatile with variations on length, width, and even more once the mustache is brought into the picture.

No other style is trending as much as the Full Beard at the moment, with the hipster community appropriating the mountaineer look and with the Hollywood culture taking on the Five O’Clock Shadow look. Definitely try out a Full Beard while it’s more than acceptable, because there come times when society at large will frown upon such a beard on younger and middle aged men.

Beard shaving style

Recommended Tools:

For Longer Full Beards

Sanguine Shears – These scissors are perfect for trimming up your mustache line or cutting off unruly straggler hairs. The thin width and short length will offer you greater control so there will be no dreaded mistakes. Plus they look nice, which is important for a non-compromising beardsman such as yourself.

Virtu Beard Balm – Long, full beards can be difficult to manage over the course of the day. Keep your facial hair and skin moisturized, shiny, and manageable using this beard conditioner. It will help hold your style in place for the length of the day without your beard feeling stiff or sticky.

For Shorter Full Beards

TRYM II Clippers – There are plenty of clipper options out there, but this one combines reliability, length attachments, and is rechargeable with wireless capabilities. You want a pair that looks good, stays sharp, holds a charge, and gets the job done.

Virtu Beard Oil – Shorter beards don’t require balm to stay styled, but still desire the health benefits. This can be delivered with beard oil, which provides all of the nutrients and moisture to keep your hair and skin at their best. This will also alleviate most, if not all, of the itching sensations of short, dry beard hair and skin. Don’t tolerate flaky, brittle hair.

The Boxed Beard

Similar to the Anchor, the Boxed Beard is a variation on the Full Beard that is shorter in length and doesn’t reside on the upper heights of the cheek. It can be thought of as a combination of a jaw-strap style beard and a goatee. While the Boxed Beard presents a sense of self-care and great hygiene, it is also what it takes to maintain it properly.

This beard helps bring forth a sense of prominence in the chin for those without such a chin naturally. The best way to achieve this style is to let your hair grow freely for a week or so until you have enough stubble and length to sculpt the shape. Be careful when shaping your neckline here. It is typically shaved higher than that of a full beard, but too high and you’ll take on a strange, unattractive appearance.

Recommended Tools

Panasonic Adjustable Trimmer – This beard trimmer is perfect for the Boxed Beard in that it allows you to set adjustable depths beyond those limited to attachments. It also features a strong bare clipping edge to help you perfectly design the boxed aspects.

Virtu Beard Oil – Since this is a short beard requiring constant supervision and intervention, you’ll want to treat the skin and hair with beard oil to maintain health and moisture. There’s no point in having this style of beard if it is accompanied by dry, peeling skin and irritated pores, ingrown hairs, and acne bumps.


A Goatee is a thick portion of beard extending from the bottom lip down below the chin. The standard Goatee works well with round faces and larger heads, but thinner faces can add in a mustache for a “full-wrap” appearance above the top lip as well. Allowing the hair on the sides of the chin to extend outward will bring you into a style known as the Extended Goatee.

Beard shaving styles

Consider the length of your hair and style of clothing before committing to a Goatee or you may end up projecting an appearance you didn’,t intend. If you can make it work, the Goatee is a wonderful classic that can provide thicker facial hair without removing a professional appearance.

Recommended Products

Virtu Beard Oil – You’ll want some beard oil for the shaved areas of your face that involve constant cutting. This will keep the skin healthy and moisturized.

Virtu Beard Balm – A Goatee has to look groomed at all times. Achieve this with beard balm to condition the hair and help hold the style all day long.

Philips Norelco QT4070 – Another high quality variation on the typical trimmer, this Philips will provide all of the varying attachments you need to define the edges and length of your Goatee.

Chin Strips

Instead of extending the Goatee outward, you can create a thinner width and enter Chin Strip territory. A standard Chin Strip is the same as the standard Goatee but thinner. Again you can add a mustache, or even shave the hair at the bottom of the strip to create a Soul Patch.

The Chin Strip isn’t often seen in the United States currently, which would be perfect for those willing to buck against the trends and be a trend-setter themselves. Adding in the mustache can provide a sophisticated European style look.

Recommended Products

Remington MB4040 Trimmer – Here is another example of a quality wireless trimmer with nine length settings. You’ll need a trimmer like this in combination with a razor to obtain the close the shave everywhere else around your face.

Again, you’ll want to keep your skin and shaved hair with some beard oil and help the longer hair stay styled and moisturized with beard balm.

Mutton Chops

Imagine a Full Beard, and then shaving off the portion where the Goatee or Chin Strip would reside. Now we’re talking about Friendly Mutton Chops. Remove the mustache from the equation and you’ll take on a more intimidating appearance, which is the standard Mutton Chops (minus the Friendly).

Beard shaving styles for men

Mutton Chops tend to work best with big fellas and be combined with a bald hair style. If you enjoy appearing menacing or your social circle demands it, give it a shot.

Recommended Products

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler – Mutton Chops can be long or short, but will require you to shave a portion of your face all the way flat. You can achieve both with this styler and its various attachments.

Just like other facial hair styles that are a combination of long beard hair and shaved, you’ll want to apply beard oil and beard balm daily to both. But don’t over-wash your beard either. Rinsing out daily is fine with a once-a-week wash.

Don’t let anything deter you from pursuing the masculine path of growing a beard, but don’t throw caution to the wind either. Take into consideration your clothing and hair styles, the way your facial hair naturally grows, and the appearances you may need to keep up for your career or social obligations. You are growing your beard for you primarily, but it’s meant to enhance your appearance, not detract from it.

With this in mind, always keep your various beard styles well-groomed and healthy. This includes the skin under your beard, on your face, and on your neck. Don’t think that the same shampoos and conditioners used on the top of your head will suffice for the hair of your beard. They are both hair but have subtle differences and differing needs based on the emphasis placed on them by others.

If you’re not into straight razors and special creams (yet), you can get by with a set of high quality trimmers with variable depth settings and attachments and a normal razor blade with disposable heads. Just remember to change the razor blade heads as recommended and keep your trimmer oiled and free of hair. With proper maintenance, a set of trimmers can last you for years upon years.

Once you determine which facial hair styles are appropriate for your conditions, try them all out. If you’re tactical, you can start with a Full Beard and then change it to other styles as you shave more and more hair off. Try out a Boxed Beard next, then move to a Goatee, and finally a Chin Strip. You can achieve all of these without having to wait for full regrowth each time. Just remember, if you try out Mutton Chops, by default you’ve removed the option to try out a Chin Strap in the same set of beard growth. Plan accordingly.

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