Different styles of beard and moustache. Cool Beard Styles for Men 2015

Most Men look good with a beard on and it’,s the best thing a man can do to change enhance his looks. Growing a beard or facial hair is not that difficult, but maintaining it requires a lot of patience and dedication. Not everyone could maintain a beard, which is why the men who sport a trendy beard style are considered manly. And women call them HOT. In fact, a beard is a gift to the men from the GOD as it makes him very special. Beard and moustache styles.

Trending &, Hottest Beard Styles of 2015

If you want others to consider you as the manliest of men, then a full beard is what you need to grow. The style gives you a classy touch when groomed and rugged when it’,s left untouched. Since it requires very less maintenance compared to the other styles, it is unarguably the most popular beard style of all. This style suits men of all ages, especially those with large/muscular body frame.

#2.Designer Stubble

This beard style is considered as the trendiest in the list. The ‘,Designer Stubble’, aka ‘,Five O’,clock Shadow’, became popular in the 1980s. It was later followed by the youngsters after George Michael sported it. You need to grow a short beard that is aimed to affect a rugged masculine. Men between teenage to 25 or college going guys usually try this style and it suits them good too.

This is another hottest beard style that is downright artsy. It consists of a short, pointy mustache and pointy beard, but with no hair on the sides of the face. It requires regular maintenance. The Van Dyke beard suits the old men, but everyone can give it a try. Hugh Jackman has sported this beard in the movie ‘,PAN’,.

New beard and moustache styles

#4.Hipster Beard

Although it makes you look very rough, you need special skills to maintain this hipster beard. It looks best with a particular hairstyle combination where in you shouldn’,t grow a ‘,neck beard’,. Few enthusiasts also trim the hair around the mouth (moustache). The original hipsters usually grow a ‘,handlebar’, mustache to make it look trendier.


In order to grow a professional beard style, you should first need to grow a full beard and then trim it in such a way that the hair is kept shorter and the lines are shaped tighter. This facial hairstyle is suitable for men between 25 to 35 years of age.

#6.Captain Jack

This particular style became popular after Johnny Depp sported it for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie ‘,Pirates of the Caribbean’,. It is a blend of soul patch, mustache and goatee-like whiskers. This style suits men between 18 to 35 with lean body frame.

Beard and moustache styles 2013

Recommended Products for Maintaining a Beard

A good beard oil helps in moisturizing the skin beneath the beard, thereby preventing flaking, dandruff and skin dryness. Using a beard oil also keeps your facial hair soft, shiny and smooth.

The mustache wax is useful, especially in maintaining the strength (stiffness) of the hair around the mouth.

That’,s all friends! The above are the hottest beard styles for men in 2015. So, which is your favorite facial hairstyle of all. Do comment below.

List of beard and mustache styles

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