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I’,ve been meaning to post this since Christmas, but I didn’,t have a decent photo of it and kept on forgetting to get one before my hubs left for school. Today it so happens that we were once again left with only our phone cameras, but I figure it’,s better than nothing, and I want to post this before it’,s legitimately spring. Beard styles names.

I think I made four or five of these for Christmas, and they were a big hit all around. Who doesn’,t want an instant beard? Don’,t answer that.

When I first looked around for a free pattern I couldn’,t find anything that I really liked, so one night when I was with Tiny in the hospital, I spent three hours just figuring this out. I referenced no other pattern, so if you see any similarities, than they are purely coincidental. I came up with this after much trial and error, and it’,s still not a perfect pattern. In fact, I would love it to be a work in progress, so if any of you try it and figure out a better way, I would love for you to add any suggestions into the comments section. I am NOT a seasoned crocheter, so please forgive any ignorance or mistakes on my part. I will likely add photos or any other tips to this post if I make more.

Free Crochet Beard Pattern:

I used Nature’,s Choice Cotton yarn, because it would be nice and soft on the face. 85 grams made about three or four beards if I’,m remembering right. I wouldn’,t use 100% wool as it would probably be a little itchy. Size J hook.

Single crochet into each chain, chain two and turn.

Beard styles pictures names

# Bobble stitch, (or half double crochet) TWO times into first stitch. Single crochet into next stitch to close bobble. *bobble stitch three times into next stitch, and then single crochet into next stitch to close off bobble.* Continue between *’,s to the end of row, which in this case in one more bobble–,total of three, you want to end on the bobble stitch, and NOT on the single crochet, just turning will close the bobble). Chain two and turn.

Single crochet across. Chain two at end and turn. #

Repeat between #’,s, except on second and every subsequent bobble row you increase by adding a bobble at the end (just pull a loop open and create a hole) until you reach your desired width. I go until I have 5 bobbles across for an adult, or 4 for a child.

Now just alternate between rows of bobbles and single crochet, until you reach your desired length before decreasing. (Remember to always chain two at end of rows before turning and begin bobble stitch rows by bobbling twice into first stitch–,the initial two chains complete the bobble). IF YOU CAN, it is SO MUCH BETTER to make this with the intended person handy. Fitting can be tricky, and I highly recommend making this while intermittently trying it on to ensure a good fit. I did 16 rows total (8 bobble, single) for a child, 22 rows (11 bobble, 11 single) for around my size, and 26 rows (13 bobble, 13 single) for my husband. That includes increase/decrease rows, so for my size, I’,d have 4 rows increasing, 14 full rows, and then 4 rows decreasing.

Start decreasing by skipping your first stitch on the bobble row, and then turning before reaching the end on your sc row. To be honest, I always do this a little different. Just whatever I need to make it work (like Tim). The idea is that each bobble row has one less bobble than the previous. End with a row of sc.

Facial hair styles and names

Chain enough to go around the ear. Again, it’,s really important to check for fit here before you move on. If you have to guess, here are some guidelines: I chained 13 or 14 for my 2 year old, 15 for me, and 18 for my cabezon (humongo headed) husband. Once you’,ve chained, slip stitch to the other side, leave a LONG tail (I left like two yards just in case), cut, and then pull through loop and tighten.

With a darning needle, weave your tail through one of the side edges, and once you reach the other side pull gently until it cups nicely around your face. You want it slightly fitted but not tight or uncomfortable. Check fit, and loosen or tighten accordingly.

Repeat the ear loop and then weave tail through remaining edge for other side. Check fit, adjust and then slip knot and weave in loose ends.

Moustache: with beard on, make a note of where the mustache would fit over the upper lip and attach to sides of beard and mark with a pin or something. Weave a long length of yarn up through the beard and have it come out at one of the marked points, stick your needle through right next to your tail to form a loop and begin crocheting a chain that will reach over to the opposite side snugly. Check fit if you can! Slip stitch into other side and then turn. Find your center point (or stitch) and mark. Single crochet the first stitch, and then double crochet until right before your middle stitch. Slip stitch the middle one or two stitches and then resume double crocheting until the last stitch which will be single crochet. Slip stitch into beard main, and pull your tail through. Weave tail through beard and cut.

Patty’,s Wonderful Translation of my crochet beard:

Beard styles and their names

If you try this, I’,d love any feedback or like I said any comments with suggestions! Three cheers for facial hair!

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