Top beard styles. Best Beard Trimmer for 2015 - A Review Of The Top Choices

50 to 75 minutes per 1 hour charge Top beard styles.

Professional grade metal

Who would have thought that beards would make such a glorious comeback?

Forget about the office, a bland clean-shaven look was what men were supposed to wear anywhere out of the home, in order to be considered decent. But thanks to the revival of the great manly trend of keeping beards (and mustaches), men can now afford to be creative with their facial hair without having to worry about being labeled as lazy, careless, broke, unemployed or even a terrorist! (just kidding, well maybe)

Growing a beard is no easy business, though. It is a serious form of an art of manliness, which needs to be worked upon quite religiously. And like any other art form, grooming a beard must be done using the right tools too.

While the traditional razors (the ones with a single blade, that your grandfather or father used while shaving) are undoubtedly the ultimate tool for the perfect clean shave, they are simply not cut for carving out the minutiae of a trendy beard. You will need a quality beard trimmer for this purpose, which can offer more control and a higher degree of precision while grooming your beard.

What is a Quality Beard Trimmer?

A quality beard trimmer is one which satisfies all your facial hair grooming needs, and then some more. When looking for the perfect beard trimmer, make sure that it checks all the boxes on your list. What, you don’,t have a list? Well, here is our beard trimmer buying guide to help you.

Look for a beard trimmer that is specially built to tackle the kind of facial hair you have. You will find trimmers that work exceptionally well for fine facial hair, but may get you in a tangle when grooming a thick, bushy beard.

Look for a beard trimmer that is powerful enough to make its way through thick and thin. A beard trimmer capable of generating higher levels of torque, will make the cutting process quick and feel like a breeze.

Look for a beard trimmer that is versatile. An ideal beard trimmer should offer you the option of both dry and wet shaving. Also, it helps if your trimmer has different length settings to choose from while trimming.

Look for a beard trimmer that has a long battery life. You do not want to be plugging in your trimmer before every shave, if you are planning to take your beard trimmer with you on a trip or even when using it only at home.

Lastly, look for a beard trimmer that fits your budget. The current beard trimmer market is saturated enough to boast of models from a multitude of brands, that suit every budget needs. However, purchasing a trimmer fitting your budget is not enough. Look for a beard trimmer that offers you the best value for money in its price range.

Our beard trimmer buying guide does not end here though.

In order to further simplify the purchase decision process for you, we are listing below beard trimmers, that are considered to be the best in business under various categories.

Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards

The Wahl 9818 as its name suggests, is an excellent “,all-in-one”, grooming product.

While it performs exceptionally well on all kinds of facial hairs, it is equally adept at grooming the hair present on your head, ear and nose too.

The trick that does it for the Wahl 9818 in the long beards category is the presence of adjustable blades, along with 8 T-blade guides and 6 position guides, that helps it to take care of hair of any length from 0.5 mm –, 18 mm. Additional nose and brow trimmer blades are also provided with the pack, which establish the Wahl 9818 as a complete grooming package for facial hair.

Versatile performance, Durability, Long battery life, Great value for money

Expensive replacement parts

Best Beard Trimmer for Sensitive Skin

If you have a hyper-sensitive skin that turns red with rashes or burns too much after every shave, the Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S is built for you.

This wet/dry beard trimmer features hypo-allergenic blades made of stainless steel, that do a remarkable job of cutting your facial hair without resulting in any burn or bump.

Additionally, there are 19 different hair length settings available in the Panasonic Milano which are suitable to maintain a beard of various lengths. The only issue with the Milano that might be off-putting for some, is the 15 hours long charging one needs to do to get a full recharge on the Nickel-metal hydride battery.

Hypo-allergenic blades, Washproof (allowing for a wet/dry shave), Solid build

Long battery charging time (15 hours)

Best Beard Trimmer for Thick Beards

The Philips Norelco QT4070 is the perfect beard trimmer as of now in the market, and we are not talking just about the thick beard category here.

The performance of Philips Norelco QT4070 has been so far unmatched by any of its competitors in every department!

What makes it ideal for trimming thick beards? Two words –, Turbo Power. With the Turbo mode on, you can derive 25% more power than your other regular beard trimmers while shaving!

Add to this, a unique Integrated Vacuum system, that is designed to suck up every residue of hair that falls while trimming, the versatile hair length settings and the long lasting LI-ion battery, the QT 4070 is unbeatable in every regard.

Excellent performance, Solid build, Zero maintenance, Turbo Power mode, Integrated Vacuum System

Cannot be washed under water, Slightly noisy (when using the Turbo Power mode)

Best Beard Trimmer for Shaping

Introduced in 2014 by Philips, the Norelco 9100 features a laser-guided (you read it right) trimmer which guarantees you a perfect trimming experience.

Using the laser technology, you are able to perfect the edges of your beard, sideburns and even your is a class above the QT 4070 when it comes to precision trimming, and that is saying a lot about this trimmer considering what a perfect machine QT 4070 is.

The Norelco 9100 also features some very sensitive Chromium steel blades, that do some serious trimming and cutting of facial hair.

What’,s more, it is 100% washable (unlike QT 4070) and boasts of an excellent battery life and recharging time (1 hour of backup on 1 hour of charging).

Laser guided precision trimming, Solid build, Excellent batter performance, 100% washable (though you don’,t need to wash the blades, as they are self-cleaning)

No Turbo Power mode (like QT 4070), Cannot be used in shower or for wet shave (you must dry the gadget after washing it under water and before using it)

Top 10 beard styles 2012

Best Beard Trimmer for Goatee

The Braun Cruzer 6 Face shaver as the name suggests, is a tool to keep that dapper looking beard of yours looking well, dapper.

It features sharp, durable stainless steel blades and an entire set of adjustable trimmers and combs to take care of all kinds of facial hair styles.

There is an adjustable trimming comb provided with the trimmer, that helps you maintain a short as well as a full beard and everything in between. But the key feature that gets the Braun Cruzer 6 the tag of best beard trimmer for a goatee, is the unique two-sided, twistable trimming head. Using this feature, you can precisely define the lines and tight curves of your goatee to get a detailed, polished look.

Twistable Trimmer, Wet/dry shave, Ergonomic design, Good value for money

Short battery life (30 mins on 1 hour of full recharge), Not for close shave

Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble

The Philips Norelco 5100 beats the Conair iStubble by some margin, and this is when the Conair iStubble is meant only for stubbles!

While it gives a performance matching to the iStubble, the Norelco 5100 is a much better package than its competitor.

It has a battery life of 60 minutes on a 1-hour charging, and is completely washable (unlike the iStubble).

Workable with a varying beard length of 0.4 mm to 10 mm, the Norelco 5100 is versatile enough and capable enough (thanks to its dual-sided blades) to deliver a complete performance. Also, unlike the iStubble, you do not experience any kind of tugging while trimming with the Norelco 5100, even if the hair is long.

Excellent performance, Great battery life, Zero maintenance, Zero tugging, High durability

Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300

If you have been searching for an efficient, hassle-free trimmer, the Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is the answer for you. With its built in turbo boost feature, men with thick beards will appreciate the ability to increase trimming speed and power with the push of a single button. And men who hate the post-trim cleanup process will love the presence of the integrated vacuum system on the Beard Trimmer 7300.

Trim the thickest beards more efficiently with the push of the turbo boost button

The cornerstone of the Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is its inclusion of an integrated turbo boost button. This trimmer already has a powerful motor, but the turbo boost button is an excellent addition to facilitate the trimming of coarse or extremely thick beards. The turbo boost button achieves this by maximizing the trimmer’s cutting speed and suction power.

Trim more efficiently with the built in vacuum system

Another key feature of the Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is its built-in vacuum system. This integrated vacuum captures nearly all of the trimmed hair, which results in a cleaner face and a cleaner sink. In addition to making beard trimming a more hassle-free process, the vacuum reduces the amount of total time spent on the trimming process.

Trim your beard all over the world with the Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

While most beard trimmers on the market are manufactured to operate in 110 or 120-volt countries only , the Norelco 7300 is a dual voltage trimmer that will also function in220 and 240-volt environments. This means that you can use your Norelco 7300 in Europe or Africa just as easily as you can in the United States or Canada. This is a major selling point for the Norelco 7300, as it is one of the only top trimming devices that is able to operate all over the world without a bulky step-down transformer.

Accessories:Charging adapter and cleaning brush

Pros and Cons of the Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300

With the presence of both the turbo boost button and the vacuum system, this device stands out from other models in beard trimmer reviews. By pushing the turbo boost button , you will increase the cutting speed and suction power of the 7300, which makes this trimmer an excellent option for busy men who do not enjoy the cleanup process following a trim.

Another major pro of this trimmer is the presence of 18 distinct length settings. With settings ranging from 1 to 18 mm, the Norelco QT4070/41 offers an enhanced level of versatility and trimming options. And with 1 mm precision, this trimmer affords an outstanding level of specificity.

In addition to the efficiency and precision offered by the 7300, this trimmer boasts a vivid multifunction LED display to show the selected length setting.The display also indicates battery and charging status. This trimmer can function with or without the included power cord and can operate by the battery for 50 to 75 minutes when fully charged. The exact amount of operation time will depend upon how frequently you use the turbo boost button, which utilizes more power.

While the vacuum system is a key advantage of the 7300, the construction of the suction compartment that holds your beard residue is a bit flimsy. The lid of the compartment does not always fit securely, which can result in annoying flapping of the lid and debris falling out of the compartment. As one of the primary roles of the vacuum is to capture the debris and eliminate the need to clean your face and sink after trimming, the flimsy construction of the vacuum compartment is a bit disappointing.

If you experience problems with the lid of the vacuum component of your trimmer, you can prevent the lid from flapping by simply wrapping a rubber band around the compartment. This will prevent debris from escaping from the vacuum compartment.


The Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300 carries a 2 year worldwide warranty.

Value for the money

The Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300 offers excellent value for the money, especially if you have a thick or coarse beard. The presence of the turbo boost button and the vacuum system make this system unique and help shorten the total amount of time you have to spend on the trimming process.

This trimmer is also the best beard trimmer for men who hate cleaning, as the vacuum system virtually eliminates the need to remove hair from your face and sink after trimming. Finally, the Norelco 7300 is a great option for men who travel internationally and need a trimmer that will function in 220/240-volt countries as well as 110/120-volt countries.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

The Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is the solution for men who are seeking a trimmer that is long on power.

This trimmer is also a fine choice for men on the go who have a tendency to misplace the various blades for their trimmers. If you are seeking a great combination of power and convenience, then you should consider the Oster Fast Feed.

The Fast Feed provides the precision of a powerful motor without the loud noise

The Oster Fast Feed offers the best of both worlds by providing a professional level of power with a motor that is not too noisy. This trimmer contains a 12 amp pivot motor that is superior to most of the trimmers on the market which only operate on an 8 amp motor. The quiet power of the Fast Feed makes it a nice choice for you if you prefer a more tranquil trimming experience.

The Fast Feed offers the convenience of an adjustable blade

The presence of an adjustable blade is another major advantage of the Oster Fast Feed. The sharp, adjustable blade that arrives with this trimmer can be easily modified based upon the hair length that you desire. You can choose a very close size 000 shave or a size 1 shave for medium length trims and virtually every option in between these two sizes. You only need to keep track of one blade as opposed to several.

Accessories:1 adjustable blade, 4 combs, brush, blade guard

Pros of the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

Top 10 beard styles

The Fast Feed is the best beard trimmer for men who appreciate a trimmer that is powerful yet quiet. The 12 amp pivot motor featured by the Oster Fast Feed is surprisingly quiet. It is more powerful than the motors in the majority of trimmers, many of which contain 8 amp motors. Despite the presence of this impressive motor, the Fast Feed is surprisingly quiet.

With the Oster Fast Feed, you no longer have to keep track of multiple blades. The Fast Feed includes one sharp stainless steel blade that you can adjust in accordance with your desired beard length. With this element of convenience, the Fast Feed stands out from most of the competing models that include multiple blades.

If you are partial to products that are made in the USA, then the Oster Fast Feed is an excellent choice. The Fast Feed has the appearance of a professional clipper and has an excellent grip. The Fast Feed is robustly designed to handle all types of hair, including fine hair and thick hair. Finally, this trimmer works well on both wet hair and dry hair and arrives neatly packaged with all accessories.

While the Oster Fast Feed is well constructed with a nice motor, it is not the best choice for men who travel overseas. The Fast Feed is a 120-volt product that does not have a battery operation option. It is not designed to operate in countries with 220-volt current and could not be used without a transformer in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and areas of South America. You will need a step-down transformer to use this device if you travel to one of these areas.

Another minor drawback of the Fast Feed is the lack of a carrying case. While the inclusion of a variety of accessories is definitely a selling point of the Fast Feed, it would be nice to receive a small case designed to house the trimmer and its components. However, a case can easily be purchased for a few dollars. This is a minor drawback, especially considering the affordable price of the Fast Feed.


The Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 includes a one year warranty.

Value for the Money

This clipper offers an outstanding value for the money. From the inclusion of an adjustable blade to its durable construction, the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 is the best beard trimmer for men seeking an affordable, convenient trimmer that is made in the USA. Moreover, with a 12 amp motor that is more powerful (yet quieter!) than the motors in the majority of competing models, the Fast Feed offers buyers convenience, power and durability in one affordable package.

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Moustache &, Beard Trimmer Wet/Dry

The ER-GB40-S is a great option for men on the go who have been in search of a lightweight trimmer that can be used in the shower as well as in front of the sink. With the ability to operate with or without A/C power, this model is handy for people who dislike the presence of a cord. And with 19 length settings and a precision of 0.5 mm, this trimmer offers a high degree of exactness during the trimming process.

The ER-GB40-S can be used in the shower and is completely washable

With its ability to operate when completely immersed in water, the ER-GB40-S has the ability to reduce the total amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning. Rather than having to shower and trim separately, you can complete your trimming while in the shower. This feature also eliminates the need to clean out your sink following a trim.

The ER-GB40-S is designed to trim all parts of the body

The ER-GB40-S is one of the only “all-in-one” trimmers on the market. With plenty of length settings from which to choose, you can trim hair from your entire body with this trimmer. And because the ER-GB40-S can operate on the battery, you will not have to worry about moving the cord out of the way when trimming hard to reach spots on your body.

Accessories:Charging adapter, blade, and cleaning brush

Pros and Cons of the ER-GB40-S

The ER-GB40-S is the best beard trimmer for men who love to take care of their trimming while in the shower. While most trimmers are not designed for use in water, the foundation for success for this unit is its ability to function well in the shower. This trimmer is also fully washable. With its water-friendly design, the ER-GB40-S eliminates the need to separate the showering and trimming processes.

In addition to its ability to operate well in water, the ER-GB40-S is a great choice if you are looking for a device to trim all areas of your body. With 19 different settings and the ability to operate beautifully under water, this trimmer offers an outstanding level of versatility. You can take care of all of the trimmings on your body plus your regular hygiene routines in just one shower session!

Another major pro of the ER-GB40-S is its portability. This trimmer is one of the lightest weight trimmers on the market, weighing only a few ounces. With such a low weight, you might expect for this trimmer to look cheap or flimsy. However, the opposite is true, the trimmer has a sleek ergonomic design and is quite durable.

While the ER-GB40-S is waterproof and portable, the device’s convenience is slightly hampered by the 15-hour charging time. Similar trimmers only require one hour of charging time to be fully charged. This can pose an inconvenience for men who would like to achieve a lengthy full body trim on a partial or single charge.

Further complicating the lengthy charging time is the absence of an indicator that designates whether the battery has been fully charged. It would be nice to know if the battery is fully charged prior to using this trimmer in cordless fashion. The charger is also quite bulky, requiring more counter space than anticipated. On a brighter note, the charger is sturdy and attractive, making a nice addition to your bathroom.


The Panasonic ER-GB40-S carries a two-year manufacturer’s exchange warranty.

Value for the Money

The ER-GB40-S offers good value for the money. With its ability to operate with or without a power cord and inside or outside the shower, this model offers a high degree of versatility that is not present in other models. And while it may not be the most powerful trimmer available, you can trim your entire body with the ER-GB40-S.

The ER-GB40-S is also the best beard trimmer for men on the go who are always looking for ways to shorten their hygiene routines. You can easily and safely use the ER-GB40-S in the shower, which eliminates the need for a separate trimming session outside the shower. The ER-GB40-S can help you maximize your valuable time.

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Mustache, Beard and Stubble Trimmer

The Remington MB4040 trimmer is ideal for men in search of a waterproof cordless trimmer with a long-life battery. Most competing models offer either a waterproof design or a long battery life, but the MB4040 stands out from the competition by offering both features. Moreover, it boasts self-sharpening titanium-infused steel blades that increase the durability of this trimmer.

With the majority of competing models able to run for only 50-60 minutes, the two-hour duration of the MB4080 seems like an eternity. Also notable is the fact that the lithium ion battery within the MB4040 does not begin to lose power if you refrain from using it for several days.

Titanium-infused steel blades enhance the trimmer’s quality and precision

The MB4040 goes beyond the status quo of trimmers with steel blades by including titanium in its blades. By coating the blades with titanium, Remington has enabled the blades to better maintain their sharpness and cutting power. Notably, each of the three blades included with the MB4040 is self-sharpening, reducing the need for maintenance.

Power supply:120 volt A/C power with lithium ion battery

Accessories:Charger, 3 blades, 3 trimming attachments

Pros and Cons of the Remington MB4040

The long-life battery of the MB4040 is a major selling point. With the battery life of most competing models maxing out at 50 minutes, the MB4040 can operate on batter for twice as long as most other cordless trimmers. Beard trimmer reviews should give more attention to the two-hour battery life of the MB4040, especially given the increasing popularity of cordless trimmers.

Another key advantage of the MB4040 is its waterproof design. This trimmer can help you get ready faster because you can trim while you are in the shower without having to worry about water ruining the technology. The MB4040 is also easily washable and easy to care for thanks to its waterproof design.

The MB4040 can be used to trim the hair on virtually all areas of the body. With its cordless design, the MB4040 allows you to trim the hair on your back and other areas that are challenging to access. Additionally, this trimmer is a great choice for goatee trimming. With multiple interchangeable heads, users have a specific option for goatee and stubble-related styles.

With the affordable price and unique collection of sophisticated options offered by this trimmer, it is difficult to find fault with the MB4040. In fact, the primary flaw with this trimmer does not relate to the unit’s power, precision, or battery life, but rather to the fragility of the trimmer. The MB4040 is quite delicate, and can easily shatter or be rendered useless if accidentally dropped on the floor. If you choose the MB4040, you should take extra care to keep this trimmer out of harm’s way.

Other cons include a relatively low number of settings compared to competing models and a minimum length setting of 1.5 mm, which is a bit long for some men. On a positive note, you can still use the trimmer without the comb for a closer trim.


The Remington MB4040 carries a 2-year warranty.

Cool beard moustache styles

Value for the Money

With its long-life battery and waterproof technology, the Remington MB4040 offers exceptional value for the money. In fact, this trimmer is more affordably priced than models that are not waterproof and have shorter battery lives. And by incorporating titanium into the blades, Remington is clearly focused on the durability and longevity of this trimmer. The MB4040 is the best beard trimmer for men who are seeking a durable trimmer with excellent blade quality.

TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit

The TRYM II is a sleek looking trimmer that is user-friendly and affordably priced. Offering the convenience of cordless operation, the TRYM II includes four trimming attachments and a blade that is constructed of professional grade metals. With an impressive motor, the TRYM II provides precise, high quality cutting technology in a slim, lightweight device.

The TRYM II is one of the most aesthetically pleasing trimmers available

The TRYM II has an eye-catching design that makes this trimmer stand out aesthetically from competing models. Constructed of a combination of high-grade metal and shiny black plastic, the TRYM II may actually help give your bathroom counter a more sophisticated appearance.

The TRYM II is constructed of high-quality components

Virtually every component from the professional grade metal blades to the Ni-Cad battery is representative of the TRYM II’s sophisticated design. The high-quality construction of the attachments complement the TRYM II’s gorgeous exterior and are evidence that the TRYM II is manufactured to last for years.

Dimensions:8.20 x 6.60 x 2.0 inches (shipping/package dimensions)

Accessories:Charger, adapter, 4 attachments, cleaning brush

Pros and Cons of the TRYM II

You will notice the sleek desig n of the TRYM II long before you operate the trimmer. The TRYM II arrives neatly packaged and has a sharp, modern appearance. In fact, the design of the TRYM II makes this trimmer look like it could be the best beard trimmer on the market. This trimmer looks much more expensive than it actually is, and will be an attractive addition to your bathroom counter.

The long-life Ni-Cad battery in the TRYM II is another advantage of this trimmer. There is no need to worry about regular battery replacement, as you simply place the trimmer in the charging base and ensure that the AC adapter is plugged into the wall. You will enjoy additional cost savings without the need to frequently purchase replacement batteries.

Finally, the four trimming attachments included with the TRYM II are constructed of sturdy professional grade metal. The attachments are simple to use and designed for precise cutting. With the four attachments ranging in length from 1.5 mm to 9 mm, you can easily choose your desired length and style.

There are a couple of pitfalls with the TRYM II. First, you run the risk of actually depleting the battery life if you inadvertently overcharge the battery. People who fail to heed this warning may find that their TRYM II will not hold a charge as long as they expected. With the TRYM II, you can avoid this pitfall by setting a timer or making sure that you do not overcharged the device.

Another relative shortcoming of the TRYM II is the presence of only 5 length settings. While the motor and trimming power of the TRYM II are impressive, this trimmer does not possess the versatility in length settings evidenced by some competing models.

Finally, the TRYM II is not waterproof. This prevents users from trimming in the shower or from easily cleaning the device with water. However, the TRYM II kit includes a cleaning brush and oil to facilitate the cleaning process as much as possible.


The TRYM II – includes a one year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

Value for the Money

The TRYM II is one of the most affordable trimmers on the market. With its professional grade components and its modern appearance, many people are surprised that the TRYM II is not more expensive. Considering all of the beard trimmer reviews 2015, the TRYM II wins the award for the most attractive design. You should consider the TRYM II if you are looking for a cost-effective cordless trimmer. The high quality of construction of the TRYM II suggests that this trimmer was designed to last for years, which would mean that you would only be paying a few dollars annually for a precise trim with the TRYM II.

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

With its wide range of special trimming attachments, the Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System is the answer for the detail-oriented man who seeks the ultimate degree of trimming precision. The Norelco G370 is made to deliver special attention to virtually every area of the face and head. Many trimmers on the market do not seem to cater to independent styles, but the Norelco G370 is designed to help you maintain your own unique facial appearance.

The Norelco G370 is a comprehensive system with six different grooming attachments

The Norelco G370 features the following six grooming attachments: A full-size trimmer, a mini shaver, a nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer, a beard and mustache trimmer, a hair clipper comb, and a detailing trimmer. There are nine length settings on both the beard and mustache trimmer and the hair clipper comb.

The Philips AccuControl System offers unprecedented contour-based precision

The AccuControl System allows you to be in charge of your appearance with a flexing guide comb that follows all of your facial contours. The guide comb is easy to use and is particularly handy when trimming the neck and other areas that can be challenging to trim. With the ability to smoothly glide over the contours of your skin, the G370 stands out from the competition.

Power supply: 120 volt A/C power with nickel-metal hydride battery

Accessories:Charger, hair comb, cleaning brush, 6 attachments

Blade construction: Steel blades with custom round shape for contouring

Pros and Cons of the Norelco G370

The Norelco G370 facilitates attention to detail with six distinct grooming attachments. This is the best beard trimmer for you if you are seeking the highest level of trimming precision for your beard as well as the other hair on your head and face.

In addition to six specific attachments, the G370 offers maximum exactness and detail through its unique AccuControl system.The G370 is designed to provide trimming accuracy on all areas of the face and body, especially contoured sections that are difficult to manage. The ability of this trimmer to easily navigate the contours of your face is a major advantage.

With anticipation of your satisfaction with the G370, Philips Norelco offers a two-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee with this trimmer. Philips Norelco is one of the only manufacturers in the market that offers any sort of money-back guarantee to customers. This advantage alone helps to instill confidence in the durability of the G370.

While the Norelco G370 offers outstanding levels of detail and precision through its array of special attachments, this trimmer will only operate for 35 minutes on battery. And because the trimmer is not able to operate on A/C power alone, you may have to wait up to 10 hours between uses for your battery to fully recharge. Due to the short battery life, it is more important than ever to ensure that your battery is fully charged before starting the trimming process.

The Norelco G370 is a bit limited in terms of its scope of use. It is not waterproof, preventing your ability to use this trimmer in the shower. Also, this trimmer is not dual voltage and can only be used in 120-volt countries. You will need a step-down transformer to use the G370 in Europe, Africa, Asia and other areas of the world with 220-volt current.


The Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System includes a two-year warranty. A 45-day money-back guarantee is also offered by Philips Norelco.

Value for the Money

The inclusion of a wide array of distinct attachments makes the Philips Norelco G370 an impressive trimmer for the money. The precision and detail offered through the six trimming attachments provides sufficient reason to look past this trimmer’s short battery life and lack of a waterproof design. The Norelco G370 is the best beard trimmer for the meticulous man who enjoys creating his own individual style.

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