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While facial hair is a natural phenomenon for men, it's a part of the body that can be considered an art form in itself. Who would have thought that hair could actually become a way to decorate a man's face? Consider it a free accessory, that can complete your appearance and transform your look from night to day. Young facial hair styles.

There's a fine line between what is considered in and out of style in terms of facial hair. Any style is acceptable as long as it suits a man's face and his personality.

We've covered the different hairstyles for men that are presently fashionable, but now it's time to cover the kind of body hair that can make or break a man's look, facial hair.

Having a clean-shaven face never goes out of style. This is the cleanest looking style of facial hair you can have &mdash, no facial hair. While it may be annoying to always maintain your clean shave, this style makes for a preppy, classy, fresh look.

Facial hair styles for young man

Not only does it take a few years off of a man's perceived age (which may not be the preferred style for those who look young to begin with), but his girlfriend will love the fact that she can cuddle up with him and kiss him without feeling like she's cuddling up to a porcupine.

Here's the facial hairstyle at the extreme opposite of the clean shave: the full beard. Many men can pull this one off, but don't misunderstand me, I'm not suggesting that you keep a beard that would make you the envy of Biblical characters.

Keep your beard trimmed and neat by using clippers or an electric razor. Just because you don't have the daily task of maintaining a cleanly shaven face, it does not mean you can neglect caring and tending for your beard. You can have fun with a beard by donning a thin beard with a goatee and a thin moustache, by shaving off the top part of the beard and leaving only the bottom part.

Young man facial hair styles

5 o'clock shadow really stays true to its name. A little longer than stubble, this style gives the effect of having a dark silhouette on a man's face, basically how a man would look at the end of the day. To maintain this style, shave every couple of days, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows. The idea is to have some stubble, not actual hair.

Now for the chin whiskers: the goatee. This is another facial hairstyle that must be maintained, and may be one of the more high maintenance styles.

Make sure that the goatee remains neat and trimmed, and avoid imitating the father of all goatees &mdash, the goat himself. The style may be named after the farm animal, but that doesn't mean you should also don a triangular shaped goatee on your chin &mdash, a definite fashion faux pas.

Young facial hair styles

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